Thursday, November 20, 2008

Racists picket OAS

The Washington Post´s coverage of Evo´s US tour featured interviews with a hand full of "activists" protesting Evo at the OAS.
"We are here to denounce what Evo is doing to our democracy, to our freedom of the press, to our constitution, to our human rights,"
But WaPo reporter Pamela Constable didn´t tell you that the quoted "activist" Elena Abolnik is a fascist. She also forgot to tell you that these protesters engaged in racist verbal assualts of indigenous Bolivian dancers attending the OAS meeting.
Note to the US press: stop protecting these fascist coup plotters. They´ve lost. Game over, give it up.
-Carlos in DC gives a blog/press reaction summary of Evo´s tour.
-Down South points out racist commentary on the DC anti-Evo Facebook group.
-Pamela Constable of WaPo gives the Evo tour story another try but still refuses to tell readers that anti-Evo protesters are racists.
-And Amy Goodman, as usual, gives us the most accurate title, "Bolivia´s Morales offers his hand in peace"

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