Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas wrap up

Mexican beauty queen and "Miss Hispanamerica", Laura Zuniga (seen left in desperate need of some tamales), was arrested on her way to Bolivia trafficking arms and cocaine. Who might she be visiting in Bolivia? The Mex Files has some ideas.

A fascist plot to assassinate Evo is uncovered. Wouldn't be the first time. So the real question is how many plots were/are there?

Unfazed Brother Evo gives Obama some good advice.

As well as being the only Latin American leader to suggest that it is actually possible to do something towards ending the US Cuban embargo we all complain about.

A month after Evo's US tour, the AP finally gets around to telling us he had a positive meeting with Senator Dick Lugar.

After three years of Cuban and Venezuelan "interference" Bolivia manages to accomplish what fifty plus years of US "assistence" seemed unable, finally end illiteracy in Bolivia.

And last but far from least, Otto at Inca Kola News uses these things called "facts" to explain how Evo is beating the capitalists at their own game.

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Léo Ferré - Les Anarchistes

Not directly Bolivia related, but I've always felt that if you have ever lived in Bolivia for any length of time without becoming a little bit of an anarchist there is something wrong with you. Also, luck and safety for our Greek and European friends.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Weekend Reading

Finding Common Ground in Crisis: Social Movements in South America and US
Ben Dangl

People in the US seeking ways to confront the economic crisis could follow the lead of South American social movements. From Argentina to Venezuela, many movements have won victories against the same systems of corporate greed and political corruption that produce economic strife across the hemisphere. These movements also have experience holding politicians' feet to the flames once they are elected, a tactic that will be essential once Barack Obama takes office.

A connection between activist strategies in the north and south emerged earlier this month when over 200 laid-off workers from Chicago's Republic Windows and Doors factory occupied their plant, demanding the severance and vacation pay owed to them.

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Morales Remakes Bolivia
Alexander van Schaick

LA PAZ, Bolivia — On Oct. 21, Bolivian President Evo Morales approved a law convoking a national vote on a new constitution in front of thousands of supporters in the capital La Paz. Seconds later, Morales seemed close to tears as he addressed the crowd and celebrated the passage of the document designed to empower Bolivia’s indigenous majority.

The proposed constitution, which analysts expect to be ratified by a wide margin on Jan. 25, 2009, will be one of Morales’ most important achievements since he became president in 2005. After 10 months of political wrangling — that culminated in 18 hours of nonstop congressional negotiations — the four major parties in Bolivia’s Congress finally agreed on the proposed constitution that morning.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Za-pa-ta-zo-is-ta 1) Of, or related to the actions of one Muntazer al-Zaidi, a journalist who told George W. Bush on 14 December 2008 what everybody in the world thought, but hadn’t said… that Bush deserved the boot!

2) One who appropriately responds to bullshit.

(Thanks Mex Files!)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Greenberg Quinlan & Rosner sucker found

In October BoRev unearthed a wanted ad for political consultants firm Greenberg Quinlan & Rosner (of Our Brand is Crisis fame, when in 2002 they got El Gringo elected to a gloriously bloody Presidency) for a "part [in an unspecified] a political campaign in Bolivia". Unfortunately BoRev didn't get the position, but we can now be almost certain for whom these ignorant "liberal" Democrats will be working for in the Dec. 2009 Bolivian Presidential elections.

Who other than Goni's former VP Carlos Mesa! (above with Bush) His recent campaign announcement shows the pathetic futility of the opposition, being their likely last best hope. What this overrated historian turned corporate tool politician seems to have forgotten is that he was already President, from 2003 to 2005, and resigned in disgrace in the face of mass protests. That's a great resume to build on!

Let's watch as these idiots fail hilariously!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Bolivia Apocolypse!

The BBC hasn't yet gotten the memo on the demise of the Media Luna.

With the new constitution headed for sure passage in the January referendum, Branko Marinkovic on the run, members of the Santa Cruz Youth Union (UJC) begging the Catholic Church for sanctuary "asylum", and Evo firmly in his strongest political position yet, the BBC runs this story "Bolivia's divisions herald more turmoil" which ridiculously claims, "as the day of the vote [constitutional referedum] approaches, tension is increasing."

"Tension" if you mean the sweat on the rightwing brows as they realize their irrelevance. Down South is absolutely correct to praise the article as a huge improvement over BBC's past performances, delivering a nicely balanced piece, but... (the editors are probably more at fault), in my opinion, at this point to give these loser Hitler lovers equal air time and respect only massages the delusional fantasy world of the Bolivian Right and their racist, violent, doomed opposition. For instance, the UJC vice-president is interviewed as opposed to the president, David Sejas, because their members are currently fractionalized and literally fighting among themselves over the group's leadership.

Sad thing is, this would have been a good article three months ago. I'm sure the BBC will eventually catch up...?

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Pando was a massacre. Period.

UNASUR's commission on the violent events of last September 11th in Pando, Bolivia presented their finding to Evo yesterday. The report is unequivical in its characterization of the campesino massacre and those responsible, the rightwing Prefectura of Leopoldo Fernandez. Eduardo Garcia of Reuters gives you the straight story, or if you feel like sifting through the ugly details go read the report yourself (Spanish only).

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Why didn't this make it in the US press?

Bolivia to acquire or expropriate land to give to Indians
Latin American Herald Tribune

LA PAZ -- The Bolivian government will buy land to give to Guarani Indians in the country's Chaco region and free them from the "serfdom" under which many of them live, the director of the National Institute for Agrarian Reform said Tuesday.

Juan Carlos Rojas told a press conference that the measure was backed up by an executive order and will benefit indigenous communities in the eastern and southern provinces of Santa Cruz, Chuquisaca and Tarija.

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It's time for a new good neighbor policy

Mark Weisbrot

WASHINGTON -- President-elect Barack Obama's historic triumph was welcomed in Latin America by left-of-center governments who saw it as a continuation of their own electoral victories.

Even before the election President Lula da Silva of Brazil said: "Just as Brazil elected a metal worker, Bolivia elected an Indian, Venezuela elected Chavez and Paraguay a bishop, I think that it would be an extraordinary thing if, in the largest economy in the world, a black man were elected president of the United States."

Obama has an opportunity to forge a new relationship with the region after his predecessor drove U.S.-Latin American relations into a ditch. But it will require a major change in Washington's attitude toward our southern neighbors.

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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Tough times for Bolivian fascists

Bush's Bolivia "pro-democracy" activists are on hard times, poor guys. Their September coup plot collapsed as soon as it was launched. Their rightwing opposition political coalition is hopelessly fragmented. One of their four "Media Luna" Prefects is incarcerated facing genocide charges, and now the national police are coming after the elite "civic" leaders behind the September "civil coup".

Six members of Tarija's comite civico have been arrested on terrorism charges for the destruction of a gas pipeline, members of the Santa Cruz Youth Union are being rounded up for their brown shirt head busting, and now government ministers have told Branko Marinkovic, leader of the Comite Pro Santa Cruz and one of NYTimes' Simon Romero's favorite quote sources, he is next. They told him not to be a coward, flee to the US, but instead prepare his defense and own up to his acts.

Santa Cruz Prefect Ruben Costas has screamed that "thousands" of people will rise up to protect Marinkovic, which might have sounded serious a couple of months ago but now is more like a big joke... because the Santa Cruz police whose stations were attacked by Maronkovic's goons are going to side with whom?

Branko, you are fucked. Own up to your sedition and maybe you can write a your own Mein Kampf in prison.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Blogging Note

The Dude has gone and hurt himself. This last week I got in a bicycle accident and broke my right arm, writing arm. Otherwise I am fine. I intend to continue blogging but considering the added difficulty of typing with one hand, I expect things to be slower here for two months or so until I fully recuperate. Thanks for reading my antifa rants.