Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas wrap up

Mexican beauty queen and "Miss Hispanamerica", Laura Zuniga (seen left in desperate need of some tamales), was arrested on her way to Bolivia trafficking arms and cocaine. Who might she be visiting in Bolivia? The Mex Files has some ideas.

A fascist plot to assassinate Evo is uncovered. Wouldn't be the first time. So the real question is how many plots were/are there?

Unfazed Brother Evo gives Obama some good advice.

As well as being the only Latin American leader to suggest that it is actually possible to do something towards ending the US Cuban embargo we all complain about.

A month after Evo's US tour, the AP finally gets around to telling us he had a positive meeting with Senator Dick Lugar.

After three years of Cuban and Venezuelan "interference" Bolivia manages to accomplish what fifty plus years of US "assistence" seemed unable, finally end illiteracy in Bolivia.

And last but far from least, Otto at Inca Kola News uses these things called "facts" to explain how Evo is beating the capitalists at their own game.

Merry Christmas!

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