Thursday, December 04, 2008

Pando was a massacre. Period.

UNASUR's commission on the violent events of last September 11th in Pando, Bolivia presented their finding to Evo yesterday. The report is unequivical in its characterization of the campesino massacre and those responsible, the rightwing Prefectura of Leopoldo Fernandez. Eduardo Garcia of Reuters gives you the straight story, or if you feel like sifting through the ugly details go read the report yourself (Spanish only).


Anonymous said... can has incriminating video, too:

Toot toot!

memoria historica said...

Yes, it was a massacre and all those responsible should be investigated, and if necessary arrested and tried.

But the question remains, who pulled the strings on both sides to create the confrontation of two grossly mismatched groups (hundreds of unarmed campesinos and normalistas (students in Teachers College) and dozens of well armed hitmen and "civicos")??

It is easy and necessary to point the finger at Leopoldo Fernandez, the ex Prefect of Pando who apparently organized the paramilitary group which ended up assasinating 20 Bolivian citizens.

But why were they so ready to kill? Is anyone in the government responsible for the climate of violence and expectation of violence which swept Pando on September 9 and 10, causing some of these people to think they were being invaded and commit such horrible acts?

The storyline that the government and certain high-up cabinet members engineered this massacre by sending in the campesinos to their deaths, because they knew the homicidal intentions of the opposition... may be only that, another story presented by the opposition media to cloud the fact of this great tragedy. And it is no justification.

But still there is a sick feeling of not knowing. UNASUR has told us what all thinking Bolivians, unclouded by familial or regional loyalties know. But, just as USamerica's 9/11 served all too well the purposes of the outgoing Bush regime, so did Bolivia's 9/11 catalyze and congeal national public opinion in favor of the government led process of change.

In five or ten years, looking back on this time, will new facts come to light, IF there was any participation or Machiavellian calculation on the part of any individual associated with MAS or the government, that will be the unfortunate historic legacy of this massacre, which I sincerely hope is not the case.

El Duderino said...

historical memory,
Please reread what you wrote and tell us how you are not simply blaming the victims, because that what it looks like to the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, right, blame Evo for being an uppity injun, and blame the victims for defending themselves against Fernandez's goons, who have been caught carrying out their orders on camera (see my video, post above yours). How desperate can one right-wing apologist be? Desperate enough to use the fake-fairness gambit, which doesn't work on thinking people the world over!

memoria historica said...

Bina, I'm not desperate at all to cover up the crimes of any right-wing goon, much less the sort of sorry excuses for public servants who crowded into Departmental power once their national political fortune was decimated by the legitimate uprising of 2003.

Go forth and ridicule them! Call them by their right name (fascists). I won't be apologizing for them or supporting their attempts to evade justice.

But the crux of the matter is this, does the UNASUR report, or the upcoming Diputados Commision report, or do we have any other source which confirms, without doubt, that not a single person in the government, in MAS, or in the social movements, had any idea that they were walking in to a confrontation with armed paramilitaries?

Sure I'm playing devil's advocate a bit, but it is a desire for complete truth and justice, not to blame the victims, but to clarify whether they were ALSO victims of a political decision.

If any MAS or social movement operative had prior knowledge that the Prefectura's goons were armed to the teeth, and with order to kill, and still they did not stop the march-as much as they had every right to march- that person is also to me responsible for the 20 deaths.

Otto Rock said...

Well, memoria historica, you can certainly go **** yourself and your devil's advocate.

El Duderino said...

your entire argument, "devil advocacy" is baseless speculation, nuff said.

memoria historica said...
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El Duderino said...

your only objective is to slide responsibility on to MAS, whom you seem to think personally calls up every march of indigenous and campesino farmers, so I've deleted your comment because the rest of us are tired of talking back to a wall.

memoria historica said...

wow! censorship at its best.. i'm really dissapointed