Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Tough times for Bolivian fascists

Bush's Bolivia "pro-democracy" activists are on hard times, poor guys. Their September coup plot collapsed as soon as it was launched. Their rightwing opposition political coalition is hopelessly fragmented. One of their four "Media Luna" Prefects is incarcerated facing genocide charges, and now the national police are coming after the elite "civic" leaders behind the September "civil coup".

Six members of Tarija's comite civico have been arrested on terrorism charges for the destruction of a gas pipeline, members of the Santa Cruz Youth Union are being rounded up for their brown shirt head busting, and now government ministers have told Branko Marinkovic, leader of the Comite Pro Santa Cruz and one of NYTimes' Simon Romero's favorite quote sources, he is next. They told him not to be a coward, flee to the US, but instead prepare his defense and own up to his acts.

Santa Cruz Prefect Ruben Costas has screamed that "thousands" of people will rise up to protect Marinkovic, which might have sounded serious a couple of months ago but now is more like a big joke... because the Santa Cruz police whose stations were attacked by Maronkovic's goons are going to side with whom?

Branko, you are fucked. Own up to your sedition and maybe you can write a your own Mein Kampf in prison.

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Locojhon said...

Ohhh,,,music to my ears!!! (How I missed it a year ago, I'll never know.)
There’s quite a lot of video documentation of the evil bastards being charged doing their dirty deeds on the internet, too.
Good news they are being forced to have to account for their actions.
What's happened since then? Have you heard anything about the Larsens lately--Mr. Bolivia and his Vietnam vet (cia?) daddy and whether they have been connected to the Santa Cruz terrorism plots yet, too?
Let's see: SE Asia Vietnam veteran-where the cia trafficked in heroin-CIA/Air America front company then transported the stuff to market making huge unreported profits-then invited to Bolivia by CIA-friendly-dictator Barrientos-and then somehow acquiring huge holdings with a secluded landing strip-and now reportedly spending vast sums of money to undermine the reformist government-while contending he made all of his wealth 'legally'--anyone else connecting the dots?
Take it one step further and ask yourself—why would the US Government deny Bolivia’s purchase of drug-interdicting aircraft for any reason?
Could it be to insure that their deep-cover covert operatives might have the time and means of escape without Bolivian governmental interference to prevent getting caught if needed? Anyone have a better idea?