Thursday, January 22, 2009

ADL condemns Evo's "inflammatory and offensive" call for life and humanity

On the crazy front, head of the Anti-Defamation League Abraham Foxman denounced Bolivia and Venezuela's decision to cut diplomatic ties with Israel over its genocidal campaign against the people of Gaza claiming this means Evo and Hugo now "stand with the terrorist organization Hamas." According to Foxman, Morales' call for humanity is cause for concern for Bolivia's Jewish community, because apparently without diplomatic contact with Israel Evo is ready to throw all the Juden in concentration camps. God forbid Bolivian Jews might feel more fidelity towards their home than Israeli war crimes. Never mind that under Morales' new constitution Bolivian Jews will for the first time have equal protection under the law to freely practice their religious beliefs.

While on the subject of discredited human rights organizations, the latest Human Rights Watch report on Bolivia (encountered on the conservative MABblog) effectively equivocates rights violations between pro-Morales government and opposition supporters, only citing various "accusations"... Their firmest statement being: "The government’s supporters and its opponents, as well as the police and military, have been accused of killings during violent clashes between rival demonstrators." The report then goes on to tell how Morales' supporters have been slaughtered on various occasions by rightwing opponents over the last decade, but never lays responsibility on anyone while expressing concern over continuing impunity (good one guys!).

Basically the HRW is full of shit and is clearly morphing into a US interest mouthpiece. If they are not refusing to answer expert critics on their bullshit Venezuela report, they are claiming the equality of Israeli and Hamas war crimes while advocating IDF investigate itself, because to do otherwise might offend their "pro-Israel donors".


mgrace said...

Forget for a moment, too, that Israel funded Hamas (and other Islamist organizations) when it was new, in order to counteract and marginalize Arafat's secular Fatah movement. But, eh, facts? Who needs or wants them when you're trying to push out a whole people from their land. Recommended reading: Kill Khalid, about Hamas's leader and the imbroglio that will never stop. (Hope I got that HTML right.)

Bina said...

You did!