Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Beauty queens and coup mongers

Contestants for "Miss Hispanamerica 2008" during the October contest with Percy Fernández, the rightwing mayor of Santa Cruz Bolivia made famous in September by his open call for a military coup against Evo Morales, quoted by the NYTimes,

"This government has not learned how to govern, and for that reason I ask the armed forces to overthrow the president of the republic."

(Photos taken from “Promociones Gloria" website, the Santa Cruz beauty contest outfit which runs the competition... and "Mister Bolivia" contest won in 2004 by the North American Dustin Larsen.)

Then surprise, surpise! The contest winner Laura Zuniga of Mexico was arrested in December by Mexican police for arms and drug smuggling- her boyfriend only happens to be the brother of "El Doctor", head of the Juarez drug cartel. Promociones Gloria stripped her of the title for "consequence of events of public knowledge in which Miss Laura Zuñiga has been involved," failing to demonstrate "adequate behavior, avoid scandals and bad habits and be a good example for society." Glad to see they are maintaining standards. This is all certainly a spectacle.


Bina said...

For some reason, this brings to mind a song by the Northern Pikes..."She ain't pretty, she just looks that way".

Meanwhile, it's the ugliness behind the curtain that's the real truth about these pageants.

Anonymous said...

there's a blog out there covering the in's and outs of these "beauty queens."

Surprinsingly, most of these simply become high priced escorts for weirdo parties in Europe.

Bina said...


I'd love to see that blog. I'm sure it's more entertaining than a 20-car wreck.

dv said...

They even have fascist beauty contestants in Cuba. Miss Cuba is on the far left of the first picture.