Monday, January 26, 2009

Dangl in the streets

Ben Dangl of Upside Down World is not just any gringo journalist cruising through Bolivia, he actually hangs out with those crazy Indians and then writes down what they told him. Here's the latest from La Paz.

From Bolivia's Streets: What Bolivia's Think About the New Constitution

Bolivia Looking Forward: New Constitution Passed, Celebrations Hit the Streets

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Bina said...

"Escobar doesn’t support the Constitution because she 'can’t support such an ignoble thing. [Vice president] Garcia Linera is from the Shining Path, he’s a terrorist, and Evo makes people think he’s indigenous, but he can’t even speak [the indigenous language] Quechua.' When asked about who might succeed Morales, she says 'They’ve killed people who were capable. This is the worst kind of dictatorship.'”

OMG, where does this woman get her information? Evo DOES speak Quechua, Alvaro is NOT Shining Path (he's a former Katarist guerrilla), and whom did anyone kill? Names, please, so this shit can be verified independently.

Just think, this woman is one of the "literates" of the "educated" classes. Probably never bothered to actually read what she voted no on. Reading and education were wasted on THIS.