Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Evo on Gaza

"Israel must change its policies and the U.S. government should not continue using a country like Israel to invade countries that are seeking liberation... The killings are not a solution in this new millennium, so Israel should stop being a tool of U.S. imperialism to humiliate the Palestinian people." (photo, The Angy Arab)

Evo has spoken out. Obama is silent. What about you?

US: ANSWER Campaign, End the Occupation

UK: Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Scottish Palestine Solidarity


theBhc said...

I'm sure you saw that Chavez booted the Israeli ambassador. Sweet!

It does come as a bit of a surprise that Israel even has "ambassadors." Their policies seem to be pretty much directed by a philosophy of doing whatever the hell they want, so why bother? Just bombs away! I guess their busy humping all the cool hardware their security-industrial complex is busy making.

dv said...

Obama is probably trying to work out his strategy before he speaks. He needs a plan that both sides can buy into. I dont know what that plan will be, but I hope he finds it.

Or maybe we can wait an see if Evo's strategy of telling Israel to stop being imperialist tools will work.