Saturday, January 24, 2009

Oh, that Bolivian press

Supporters of Evo are always bitching about how the press is biased and hostile, lairs, racists and some other sissy names used by commies after they complain about being massacred or something.

But then Evo started bitching and publicly humiliated a Bolivian journalist after the guy published a front page story humbly declaring Evo had participated in an illegal contraband scheme based on... well, the solid word of a few guys arrested for smuggling Brazilian trucks. Evo called the domestic Bolivian press corps a bunch of "lairs" and said he'd only give interviews to the "more responsible" international press corp, and their standards are so high.

But you know, how ridiculous, the press never lies. I mean only a few days after Evo confronted the Bolivian press corps, La Razón (Bolivia's highest regarded and widest distributed daily) printed a piece of dynamite journalism, following up on the sensational arrest of opposition leader Branko Marinkovic, accompanied by this stellar, clearly non-photoshopped photo showing how it went down. The only problem of course being that it never happened. (This is not a joke, that is actually the picture they published.) One of La Razón's major corporate stake holders until a few days ago has been the Spanish press company Prisa, whose conservative daily El Pais is also known for its inventive coverage of their former colony.

But stupid mistakes like this are never directly politically motivated. It was only coincidence that after a rightwing radio host Jorge Melgar Quete was arrested for calling on air for Evo to be assassinated that the Fox News of Bolivia, Unitel aired this months old tape of government minister Ramon Quintana at a pre-August 10th Recall Referendum rally in Pando calling for voters to "politically bury [Pando Prefect] Leopold Fernadez" in the upcoming vote, which is obviously an equivalent call to violence and somehow implicates the government in the September 11th massacre of 30 campesinos by Fernadez's paramilitary goons. And its only fair and balanced that half of Pando's press corp were also on the pay rolls of Fernadez's Prefectura. I am sure that didn't corrupt their reporting of the massacre.

Now this group called "Reporters without Borders" is actually detailing malicious abuses of media, this thing called "hate radio", assaults on media workers and outlets, and telling Bolivian journalists that with that thing called "free speech" comes another thing called "responsibility", to you know, not lie and stuff. (tip Ten Percent)

Typically awesome, with the Bolivian press in such a shithole, Evo has decided to save the day. Two days ago Evo initiated a new state run newspaper daily, "Cambio", giving Bolivians a non-bullshit option for their daily news consumption. The End.

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