Monday, January 26, 2009

USAID flattered by yellow journalists

USAID Bolivia accepted the "Golden Page" award for the "2008 Organization of the Year" from El Diario, La Paz's most conservative daily paper. USAID won "based on USAID’s commitment to helping the Andean nation." Acting director Peter Natiello: "'We at USAID deeply appreciate the award and commit ourselves to working even harder' in 2009 to help the Bolivian people"

It takes truly "patriotic" journalists to honor a foreign organization two years in a row which committed itself to overthrowing the nation's democratic constitutional government. But we shouldn't expect anything less from Bolivia's domestic press.

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Bina said...

"Golden Page"--OMG. Do they have any idea how many kinky jokes could be made out of that piss-colored award? This stuff just writes itself.