Saturday, February 28, 2009

Llajtaymanta - Morena de la Central

Carnival wrap up

Carnival happened and the English press was amazed by the weird things Bolivians do, like wearing funny masks, dancing, partying, sacrificing llamas, and having sex! Naturally Evo got down.

While the English language press focused on the struggle of Ronald Larsen to uphold slave-owning rights in Bolivia they somehow missed the story of Miguel Corrales' struggle to be emancipated from slavery. (hat tip Bolivia Sol)

Castro told Bachelet to give Bolivia's coast back.

We are still wondering if Evo and Obama can make nice and be friends.

MGrace and I schooled some pretentious Stanford grads on US-Bolivia relations, I think they payed too much for their education.

Bolivia wants
the UN to change "Earth Day" to "Mother Earth Day" to promote some hippy concepts like "harmonious and complementary relationship” with nature. Their Indian savagery knows no bounds!

The Mormons are in love with Evo's dirty homo-loving commie government. Seriously they like the way Bolivia is headed even after the State Department tricked them into evacuating their missionaries.

Some Orwellian police-state which tortures prisoners for reading satire (WARNING: reading linked material may result in the CIA razor blading your genitals) has the nerve to "judge" Bolivia's human rights conditions.

And just as South America manages to get out from under the yoke of IMF-World Bank imposed neoliberal policies it looks like estadounidenses are going to learn first hand the practical meaning of the policies of their economic wonderboys.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Haven't Bolivians already dealt with enough fascists?

Apparently these Spanish shitheads don't think so. Now the Spanish neofascist movement and police are targeting Bolivian immigrant workers because their country only looted and enslaved Bolivia for three hundred years so when some indebted Bolivians show up to work for pennies these racist motherfuckers think it is "patriotic" to go on the assault. Somebody deserves a good antifa beat down if you ask me but I'd prefer the EU ending its hypocrisy and actually living up to those "universal human rights" they're always prattling on about.

Friday, February 20, 2009

One man's trash another's treasure

Guess which end of the exchange you're on? Just joshing, the receiving end of course!

So that crazy and offensive story Jashua Partlow of the Washington Post published a few days ago claiming there was a shadowy international conspiracy led by the "almost ghostlike figure" of Spanish academic Roberto Viciano Pastor behind the Bolivian, Ecuadorian, and Venezuelan constitutions... well, it turns out that a rightwing Spanish media outlet began the rumor back in 2007 and a year ago was forced by court order to retract the story because it was fabricated. (thank "Utpal" for bringing this to my attention in the comment section and for correcting this posting!)

Roberto Viciano Pastor was not an author of the Venezuelan constitution, and I should add neither of the Bolivian constitution. Partlow had interviews with two of the text's key architects, Raul Prada and Carlos Romero, but instead decided to follow rumors started by Spanish cryptofascist media.

There you have it. The Washinton Post publishes year old debunked conspiracy theories and calls it news.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jewy conspiracy behind Bolivian constitution!

Thought the Bolivian constitution was the result of decades of grassroots organizing and struggle to expand universal rights and create a more inclusive society at odds with centuries of discrimination and theft? Well you're wrong!

Jashua Partlow at the Washignton Post has blown the lid on the deceptive plot of Roberto Viciano Pastor, the "almost ghostlike figure" whose Spanish minions have been pulling the strings in Bolivia, Ecuador, and Venezuela! I just knew those Indians weren't smart enough to write a constitution themselves.

Partlow holds our suspense with rumors, joking comments, and insinuation. Send this one in for the Pulitzer! I imagine Partlow picked up in La Paz and has been reading too much of Ciudadano X, the latest "journalistic" diarrhea of the Bolivian Right by Emillo Martinez Cardona who thinks George Soros and "the NGOs" with their point man Jim Schultz (hahaha, I shit you not) are part of an international conspiracy behind Evo to destroy Bolivia.

Ironically, for his article on "Latin America's Document-Driven Revolutions" Partlow interviewed Raul Prada and Carlos Romero, arguably two of the actual key architecs of the Bolivian constitution, but you know, taking them seriously, well, that would be too straight forward and gringo journalists in South America have a reputation for utter shit to maintain.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Reuters likes Bolivian cock and balls

Reuters is trying to join the world of blogging and maybe they are telling us a bit too much about how they spend their time in La Paz. But hey, their reporting on Bolivia has recently improved, so maybe we ought to order up some cock and balls for Simon Romero.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Get $3 billion repatriated to Bolivia

Otto at Inca Kola News has a plan for Bolivia to repatriate $3 billion of gold and silver that slave trading Jesus freaks stole from Bolivia which the governments of Spain and Peru have the nerve to claim is rightfully theirs. Otto has the details. You spread the word and let's help get the Bolivian people a $3 billion surprise.

Just in case you missed it

Evo enacted the new constitution over the weekend. Its final approval was 61.4 percent, which we already know from the western press is a terrible and divisive blow to Morales' political agenda, somehow.

Hat tip to Peru Apartheid for the cartoon below

Bolivia's New Constitution

Nick Buxton

On 25 January, three days before the world’s business and political elites gathered for the World Economic Forum in Davos, a very different crowd was forming in the Andean capital of Bolivia. Whilst Davos’ leaders appeared bereft and lost at the failure of their prized economic model, Bolivians danced to mark its defeat. The occasion was the celebration of the country’s new constitution, which in its opening words “puts behind us the colonial, republican and neoliberal state” and which commits itself to building a state “based on principles of sovereignty, dignity, complementarity, solidarity, harmony and equal distribution and redistribution of social goods.”

Against a barrage of opposition media propaganda funded by Bolivia’s elites, the new constitution was approved with 61% of the popular vote. Given the extent of the financial crisis in the US and Europe, the clear lack of popular confidence in Bolivia in the free market model is unlikely to have ruffled many feathers, but it is none the less very significant. Bolivia was once the prized pupil for its wholesale application of policies encouraged by the IMF and the World Bank. Now it is one of the countries articulating an alternative.

Continue reading...

Check your local listings

Tonight on HDNet Dan Rather goes to Bolivia and tells America what douchebags the Ambassador and the DEA have been and how Evo told them to pack their bags. The report is titled "Yankee, Go Home!". 8pm ET. Watch it and tell us how it went.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Is Evo secretly Dr. Strangelove?

So I guess it was only a matter of time, but the Washington Times has finally connected the dots.

Iran is doing business with Bolivia. Bolivia has uranium. Bolivia's President Evo Morales is a scary "Indian peasant". Therefore, Evo is clearly supplying Iran's nuclear program.

We know this because conservative Bolivian businessmen don't like Evo, a Canadian consortium has uranium mining concessions, and "Venezuela's Mr. Chavez has openly backed Iran's nuclear ambitions and expressed interest in developing his own nuclear-energy program with technology from Russia."

If that does not make any sense to you, well, you can just shut up.

Torture and memory

Bolivians have not forgotten. Government Minister Alfredo Rada has opened the Ministry's basement to fact finding excavation. These rooms were used during the US backed dictatorships of the 1960s, 70s and 80s to torture prisoners and political opponents. Torture is a crime which cannot be buried.

Update: Memory in Latin America was already on this story.

Below is a documentary as relevant today as when it was made in 1997 on Roy Bourgeois, founder of the School of the Americas Watch who had his own run in with the Hugo Banzer dictatorship as a Catholic missionary.

Father Roy: Inside the School of Assassins

Watch more SnagFilms videos on AOL Video

Demon cows plot our demise!

Sorry I got it so wrong last week. It is not the Iranian tractors we should be so worried about "meddling" in Bolivia but Iranian diary factories, and hospitals, and cement plants, oh my! Just read one of Tyler Bridges heart stopping paragraphs describing the terrorist operation:

In the meantime, some 90 Bolivians are building the Iranian-financed milk factory in Achacachi, a town two hours west of La Paz, the capital.

A few miles away, workers maneuvered wheelbarrows full of wet cement while others hammered away at the half-constructed factory.

Johny Zegarra, the crew foreman, said an Iranian representative had visited the construction site four times over the past month.

Good God, what next! Roofs? Then how will our satellites be able to see what happens inside?

But you know what's worse? Iran's investments are "only a fraction" of what the Venezuelans are pouring in. These Hugomaniacs are even trying to purchase the "hard hitting" paper La Razón, so hard hitting it even fabricates stories.

Even worse, Tyler Bridges doesn't have the patriotic balls to tell the American people that Venezuela's investments are only a fraction of the BILLIONS Evo's Israel hating government receives from selling natural gas to Brazil and Argentina. Clearly we ought to bomb all these countries until they learn to accept only good'ol US investments.

hat tip BoRev

New blogs

There are some new blogs to add to your reading list. Our favorite Down South has transformed into El Gaviero, giving us the latest on the fascist "Autonomy" movement as it collapses in on itself. A writer for The Bolivian Information Forum has set up her own blog T'anta Wawa Talks, cutting in on the male North American monopoly of Bolivia blogs. Also, Otto has brought to attention the excellent Spanish language Peru Apartheid blog.

Bolivia and the US reading

Hillary Clinton and James Steinberg "Talk Tough" on Latin America
April Howard

While President Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and their appointees emphasize a return to diplomacy in foreign relations, so far they show little inclination to be diplomatic toward leftist governments in Latin America. In fact, comments by Clinton and other recent appointees show a continuation of an antiquated analysis and a lack of understanding of recent Latin American social movements and regional integration.

Continue reading...

Latin America Breaks Free: Washington No Longer Calls the Shots
Ben Dangl

Five years ago, when Evo Morales was a rising political star as a congressman and coca farmer, I met him in his office in Cochabamba, Bolivia. He was drinking orange juice and sifting through the morning newspapers when I asked him about a meeting he just had with Brazilian President Lula. "The main issue that we spoke about was how we can construct a political instrument of liberation and unity for Latin America," Morales told me.

Now President Morales is one of many left-leaning South American leaders playing that instrument. This unified bloc is effectively replacing Washington's presence in the region, from military training grounds to diplomatic meetings. In varying degrees, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, and Venezuela are demonstrating that the days of U.S.-backed coups, gunship diplomacy, and Chicago Boys' neoliberalism may very well be over for South America. The election of Barack Obama also gave hope for a less cowboy approach from Washington.

Continue reading...

The Real News on Bolivia and the US

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Simon Romero is such an asshole

Ok, this post is way late and late on Simon Romero's latest reporting of Bolivia. But as BoRev points out, me and Simon must be as equally fond of tardiness (and Peruvian steaks!), but I'm no New York Times staff reporter. However we are not as equally fond of bullshit. So let's discuss just how big an asshole Simon can make himself into.

I really thought Bolivia had hurt Simon's feelings and he had thrown in the towel on the country after he resorted to plagiarizing this crappy blog and was forced to admit that his favorite democratic opposition in Santa Cruz are actually a bunch of fascists.

But Simon came back, drooling at how much money his buddies could make off Bolivia's lithium deposits if only those crazy Indians living there would just disappear. My favorite part is when he calls corporate tool and mass murderer Gonzalo Sánchez de Lozada a "nationalist". But Simon is far from alone in saying wacky shit about Bolivia's lithium "wealth". Anyways here is a voice Simon just forgot to mention while peddling the next "green solution" to Detroit's shitty cars. Bolivian Mining Minister Luis Alberto Echazu:

"It is also going to generate pollution, not just from fossil fuels but also from lithium plants, which produce sulphur dioxide. This isn't a magic solution.... The capitalist leaders have to change. If all the world had consumers like North America, everyone with a car, [the global biosphere] would grind to a halt."

How about that fatty? Get out of your fucking car and walk or take the bus somewhere for once.

But moving on, Simon is not just a lazy, stupid, corporate whore journalist, he also writes fairly racist shit about Bolivia's indigenous peoples as demonstrated in his piece on the new constitution, frankly the worst English language reporting done on the text's approval January 25. According to Simon:

Evo is not really indigenous because he is not fluent in both Aymara and Quechua, right, just like the majority of all those supposed "Hopi" and "Navajo" "Native Americans" in the US. Let's take their Reservations! Those fakers!

And this constitution which eminently respected Anthropologist Xavier Albó says advances indigenous social and political inclusion is just plain crazy as clearly "Some Bolivians who read the entire Constitution came away with other impressions." Naturally by this Simon means Cornell Literature Professor Paz Soldán, a US educated Bolivian-American.

Ending the article; recognizing Bolivia's 36 indigenous nations is like a "Chinese encyclopedia’s attempt to divide fauna into myriad nonsensical categories." Because treating other peoples like equal human beings is sooo chinesey and difficult to think about, better to just forget this democracy stuff altogether, “The mind-boggling text may have the ratification of the majority but it might not be the recipe for a viable country.”

Yeah, it is pretty well established that Simon Romero is an asshole and ought to be fired, but hey it's the New York Times so whatever. They'll be bankrupt in six months awayways.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Racism taints Chris Kraul's reporting

The latest Chris Krual LATimes article "Mob rule taints Bolivia indigenous law" perpetuates every racist piece of propaganda against indigenous self-governance even while Krual's interviews clearly show he knows better, but for some reason feels it is necessary to raise alarm of impending Indian savagery. Ironically, if these racist fears were to direct policy they would only perpetuate the problem of mob violence in Bolivia.

Kraul begins the article by scaring readers with a dramatic incident of violent mob justice three months ago in the rural town of Achacachi followed by the claims "Incidents of mob rule are rising as Bolivian society is empowering as never before indigenous communities, which make up a third or more of the population." and then implies that mob rule has been eleveted by the new constitution to "status equal to traditional law."

Both statements and implications are categorically false (i.e. lies). Kraul forgets to tell you until half way through the article that vigilante justice is actually the result of a disfunctional and negligant justice system monopolized by white and mestizo urban elites (like he said before- only the opposite), as the Mayor of Achacachi states: "But people have had it with the traditional system and that we have only eight police officers in a city of 100,000. If there had been a prosecutor in town that night to whom the people could hand over the suspects, this would never have happened." Kraul also didn't tell you that the townspeople of Achacachi first tried to hand over the suspects to the local army garrison and were refused before coming up this their own solution.

Then after quoting some hacks that the establishment of indigenous community justice in the new constitution does away with due process and neglects human rights Kraul is forced to admit that the new constitution actually mandates due process through customary procedures and "In fact, it upholds the right to life." Yeah, meaning it universally prohibits the death penalty along with establishing the litany of other rights in the 400 article text, most taken nearly word for word from various human rights conventions. So the new constitution sanctions mob violence in that it totally prohibits it.

But of course Kraul chooses to end the article with this ridiculously racist statement from "Legal expert" Gonzalo Mendieta: "What we want is a society that defends human rights, those of us who do are not always going to be in favor of the romantic notion that indigenous justice is good by definition." Right, you see, because Indians aren't really humans, see, as if these savages could ever understand such an advanced and noble concept. You're clearly just smoking pot if you believe otherwise.

So with all of the arguments against indigenous self-governance discredited within the text of Kraul's own article what are we left with? Oh right, RACISM. Take note Chris Kraul, a closet racist is still a racist.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Obama liberates Afrobolivians!

Did you hear? Obama has liberated Bolivia's afro-decendents from 500 years of discrimination. Thank the Christian Science Monitor for letting us know. What would Bolivians do without our noble and inspirational guidance?

Huh? Wait. But, this article is all about Afrobolivians being inspired by successes of the indigenous movement to fight for recognition in the new constitution under that guy Evo Morales and how it grants them extensive rights including alloted representation in Congress. You know, it even grants them land and territorial rights. (Whatever happened to that 40 acres and a mule in the US?)

Just maybe it is Obama who ought to take inspiration from Afrobolivians.