Saturday, February 28, 2009

Carnival wrap up

Carnival happened and the English press was amazed by the weird things Bolivians do, like wearing funny masks, dancing, partying, sacrificing llamas, and having sex! Naturally Evo got down.

While the English language press focused on the struggle of Ronald Larsen to uphold slave-owning rights in Bolivia they somehow missed the story of Miguel Corrales' struggle to be emancipated from slavery. (hat tip Bolivia Sol)

Castro told Bachelet to give Bolivia's coast back.

We are still wondering if Evo and Obama can make nice and be friends.

MGrace and I schooled some pretentious Stanford grads on US-Bolivia relations, I think they payed too much for their education.

Bolivia wants
the UN to change "Earth Day" to "Mother Earth Day" to promote some hippy concepts like "harmonious and complementary relationship” with nature. Their Indian savagery knows no bounds!

The Mormons are in love with Evo's dirty homo-loving commie government. Seriously they like the way Bolivia is headed even after the State Department tricked them into evacuating their missionaries.

Some Orwellian police-state which tortures prisoners for reading satire (WARNING: reading linked material may result in the CIA razor blading your genitals) has the nerve to "judge" Bolivia's human rights conditions.

And just as South America manages to get out from under the yoke of IMF-World Bank imposed neoliberal policies it looks like estadounidenses are going to learn first hand the practical meaning of the policies of their economic wonderboys.

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Bina said...

I don't know whether to laugh or cry at comments like this (on the Reuters Faithworld blog:)

How horribly barbaric!! Our comfort, protection and salvation comes only by accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as our Savior and believing that He shed His blood for us. Sacrificing these poor creatures does nothing but kill.

Gee, one might say the exact same about the blood sacrifice of Jesus as one would about the llamas. But no, no, the one is "holy" and the other, merely "barbaric". Must be because the Romans who killed Christ were white imperialists, rather than indigenous miners. Whatever white imperialism does to further itself is never "barbaric"!