Monday, February 09, 2009

Demon cows plot our demise!

Sorry I got it so wrong last week. It is not the Iranian tractors we should be so worried about "meddling" in Bolivia but Iranian diary factories, and hospitals, and cement plants, oh my! Just read one of Tyler Bridges heart stopping paragraphs describing the terrorist operation:

In the meantime, some 90 Bolivians are building the Iranian-financed milk factory in Achacachi, a town two hours west of La Paz, the capital.

A few miles away, workers maneuvered wheelbarrows full of wet cement while others hammered away at the half-constructed factory.

Johny Zegarra, the crew foreman, said an Iranian representative had visited the construction site four times over the past month.

Good God, what next! Roofs? Then how will our satellites be able to see what happens inside?

But you know what's worse? Iran's investments are "only a fraction" of what the Venezuelans are pouring in. These Hugomaniacs are even trying to purchase the "hard hitting" paper La Razón, so hard hitting it even fabricates stories.

Even worse, Tyler Bridges doesn't have the patriotic balls to tell the American people that Venezuela's investments are only a fraction of the BILLIONS Evo's Israel hating government receives from selling natural gas to Brazil and Argentina. Clearly we ought to bomb all these countries until they learn to accept only good'ol US investments.

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Anonymous said...

And what about those suspicious Russian helicopters, eh? You would think countries other than the USA were allowed to be partners in anti-narcotrafficking efforts! It's a SCANDAL, I'm telling you.