Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Get $3 billion repatriated to Bolivia

Otto at Inca Kola News has a plan for Bolivia to repatriate $3 billion of gold and silver that slave trading Jesus freaks stole from Bolivia which the governments of Spain and Peru have the nerve to claim is rightfully theirs. Otto has the details. You spread the word and let's help get the Bolivian people a $3 billion surprise.

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dv said...

That cant be right. Only 3 billion dollars (2.3 billion euros)? Thats one economical empire. US ought to hire the Spainish crown to run Iraq. Could this be one of the many instances were the wiki is wrong? The Spanish government might settle the case just to get off the hook legally.

Also I checked and Spanish silver was .93 % fine, whereas the silver spot price he is quoting is for .999 fineness. So its actually less than that (2.1 billion euros).