Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jewy conspiracy behind Bolivian constitution!

Thought the Bolivian constitution was the result of decades of grassroots organizing and struggle to expand universal rights and create a more inclusive society at odds with centuries of discrimination and theft? Well you're wrong!

Jashua Partlow at the Washignton Post has blown the lid on the deceptive plot of Roberto Viciano Pastor, the "almost ghostlike figure" whose Spanish minions have been pulling the strings in Bolivia, Ecuador, and Venezuela! I just knew those Indians weren't smart enough to write a constitution themselves.

Partlow holds our suspense with rumors, joking comments, and insinuation. Send this one in for the Pulitzer! I imagine Partlow picked up in La Paz and has been reading too much of Ciudadano X, the latest "journalistic" diarrhea of the Bolivian Right by Emillo Martinez Cardona who thinks George Soros and "the NGOs" with their point man Jim Schultz (hahaha, I shit you not) are part of an international conspiracy behind Evo to destroy Bolivia.

Ironically, for his article on "Latin America's Document-Driven Revolutions" Partlow interviewed Raul Prada and Carlos Romero, arguably two of the actual key architecs of the Bolivian constitution, but you know, taking them seriously, well, that would be too straight forward and gringo journalists in South America have a reputation for utter shit to maintain.


Utpal said...

Dude, take a look at this:


Bina said...

Chuckle...well, if Evo is the butt of an international Jewish conspiracy, that at least de facto rules out his being an antisemite.

The whackjobs can't have it both ways, although they sure do try. I wonder if all that cognitive dissonance hurts their heads, though.