Sunday, February 01, 2009

Obama liberates Afrobolivians!

Did you hear? Obama has liberated Bolivia's afro-decendents from 500 years of discrimination. Thank the Christian Science Monitor for letting us know. What would Bolivians do without our noble and inspirational guidance?

Huh? Wait. But, this article is all about Afrobolivians being inspired by successes of the indigenous movement to fight for recognition in the new constitution under that guy Evo Morales and how it grants them extensive rights including alloted representation in Congress. You know, it even grants them land and territorial rights. (Whatever happened to that 40 acres and a mule in the US?)

Just maybe it is Obama who ought to take inspiration from Afrobolivians.

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Bina said...

Interesting how far down you have to read before she gets around to mentioning that oh yeah, it was the INDIGENOUS struggle that energized the Afro-Bolivians. And she doesn't mention at all that Afro-Bolivians are considered "Aymaras" because they happen to have integrated into the indigenous Aymara communities and adopted their dress and customs, either!