Friday, February 20, 2009

One man's trash another's treasure

Guess which end of the exchange you're on? Just joshing, the receiving end of course!

So that crazy and offensive story Jashua Partlow of the Washington Post published a few days ago claiming there was a shadowy international conspiracy led by the "almost ghostlike figure" of Spanish academic Roberto Viciano Pastor behind the Bolivian, Ecuadorian, and Venezuelan constitutions... well, it turns out that a rightwing Spanish media outlet began the rumor back in 2007 and a year ago was forced by court order to retract the story because it was fabricated. (thank "Utpal" for bringing this to my attention in the comment section and for correcting this posting!)

Roberto Viciano Pastor was not an author of the Venezuelan constitution, and I should add neither of the Bolivian constitution. Partlow had interviews with two of the text's key architects, Raul Prada and Carlos Romero, but instead decided to follow rumors started by Spanish cryptofascist media.

There you have it. The Washinton Post publishes year old debunked conspiracy theories and calls it news.


Utpal said...

Dude, correction: ABC is a Spanish (rightwing) newspaper, not Venezuelan (it used to be Franco's official mouthpiece, kinda). Pastor was involved in many discussions surrounding the Vzlan constitution, but can't by any means said to have "authored" it -- far from it; as is well known, Vzla's 1999 constitution is the result of extensive civil society discussion (this includes many who are now in the opposition, the party Primero Justicia, for example).

Pastor has also edited a fascinating book on Vzla's constitution, which Spanish speaking readers may well wanna read some day, if they are interested in the subject.

El Duderino said...

haha, thanks for the correction. That's what happens when I don't do my homework!

Otto Rock said...

you rule duderino.

(and not bad yourself, Utpal :-)

Utpal said...

thx, otto :)

Dude, here's another link: listen to the audio clip (the first part has an interview with Viciano Pastor):

Anonymous said...

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