Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Eliza Barclay is some kind of stupid

Wow, we've seen some stupid shit before by gringo journalists on Bolivia, but damn, Eliza Barclay has managed to put herself pretty high in the running with just one story on Morales in The Atlantic magazine, "The Mugabe of the Andes?"

BoRev pretty much sums it up but this piece of dirt racist journalism requires some extra beat down.

Barclay tells us all about how Evo is stirring up racial divisions (by being brown), inciting violence (by being brown), destroying the economy (by being brown), and acting like a petty-thug dictator like Mugabe (by being brown) except for some reason the vast majority of Bolivians keep supporting him and keep voting for him. Wonder why? Well Barclay doesn't have one word from a single Evo supporter who make up a pathetic 60+ percent of the population.

So where did Barclay get all of these amazing and terrible facts about Evo? Well the solid objective source of opposition political figures like former congressman Luis Eduardo Siles who gave her the clearly non-hyperbolic analogy of Morales=Mugabe... so why not just put it in the title.

The facts that Bolivia's economy has and continues to grown under Morales, that all that racial divisiveness and violence involved professed racists and fascists humiliating, beating, and massacring Evo's indigenous supporters- Eliza Barclay has never heard of it and apparently does not want to, those savages brought it on themselves.

So to top it all off Barclay ends with what has to be one of the dumbest paragraphs in Bolivian journalism:

Although the lowlands have prospered from farming and natural gas, the highland regions remain stuck in a poverty trap that Morales has shown little flair for unlocking. When he expelled the U.S. ambassador and the Drug Enforcement Administration in late 2008, he killed a trade agreement with the United States that was one of the few lifelines for Bolivia’s exports. Depressed oil and gas prices have since meant less revenue for Bolivia, and less support from Morales’s chief mentor and benefactor, Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez. The only growth industry, in fact, appears to be coca.
Very insightful, I learned a lot in this paragraph. Apparently, based on nothing, we learn that Evo in fact has not governed over a period of economic growth. That in addition to being the President of Bolivia (able to expell US diplomats and the DEA), Evo is also the President of the United States who retaliatorly cancelled (against Congress' wishes) Bolivia's trade preferences. (Barcley's cause-effect scheme here is extra retarted because she previously wrote a story on the US cancelling of Bolivia's trade preferences). Also, Evo apparently has the power to lower global commodity prices... by expelling the DEA (huh?), and while she is at it, just tack on the totally unqualified and false statement that coca is Bolivia only growth industry.

Then there is poor Evan Abramson, one of the best photojournalists working in Bolivia, who has to have his work (a narrated video photo-essay, "¡Evo Sí!") attached to this idiot. We feel for you. Eliza Barclay also fashions herself a photojournalist, you can check out her work at her website. I think I know why she hasn't picked up much in the field, it is called focus.


Nolan said...

My favorite part is when she uses Felipe Quispe as an example that even brown people are opposed to Evo, "evidence" that he is losing support and clearly showing all of us who know a thing or two about Bolivia that she has no credibility.

Anonymous said...

If she's as "fluent in Spanish" as she says, she should have no problem reading non-opposition-aligned blogs and news from Bolivia, no? But no, that would spoil her thesis of the race-baiting hater with the white-as-me veep. Brilliant! So credible, Eliza. You really convinced me, sister.

Bina said...

BTW, the above was me...I accidentally hit Enter. D'oh indeed.

Alejandro said...

I’ve read with much interest the article written by Eliza Barclay “The Mugabe of the Andes?” and my impression (as well as half of Bolivians) is that the author was too kind.

I also read your comments and “insights” to the article; it baffles and astounds me beyond belief the level of ignorance shown by you with reference to the doings of Mr. Morales. Does the term “Democratic Dictatorship” mean anything to you all?

I am a Bolivian of the middle class and voted for Mr. Morales in 2005. In the campaign he spoke of a “real” change, spoke of a “new era” in Democracy, spoke of fairness, “autonomy”… all wonderful concepts; he was the fresh start that Bolivia needed, he was the “Mandela of the Andes” those days… we, the middle class, that voted for him though so.

Three years later we find a total racially divided country; we find a Bolivia with the highest unemployment and poor in recent memory, we find a Bolivia that no longer is run by “due process of law”. As an example I refer to you to Achacachi 2008 (one of Evo’s strong holds – read Ponchos Rojos – Morale’s SS)… 11 persons burned “alive”! where 2 died and the rest had 3rd degrees burn… to date NOTHING HAS HAPPENED! Evo’s government wont allow prosecution; we find a Bolivia that has over 800 “political refugees” in Brazil and countless persecuted or in jail without formal charges (all opposition); we find a country that has lost it’s Supreme Court and is about to loose it’s Congress; we find a Bolivia that has “rigged” the elections after 2005 to a level that is incomprehensible (30% of the electorate vote), etc., etc., etc., I would need to much time to explain it all.

Bolivia today is on the brink of loosing it’s 25 years of democracy… THAT, I KNOW I DID NOT VOTE FOR!

Alejandro said...


I'll make it easy... here is one 2007 article (Evo's SS) that may add some "insight" to your present beliefs about Mr. Morales.

Aymaran Army "Ponchos Rojos" behead dogs as a threat

by Trisce | November 23, 2007 at 06:08 pm

From La Razon, Bolivia

Reunited in an assembly that aproved their presence in Sucre, capital city of Bolivia, aymaran peasants that called themselves "Ponchos Rojos", tortured and beheaded two dogs in the province of Omasuyos as a sign of warning to all of those that oppose the government of Evo Morales. Amid the howls of pain from the animals, the enraged aymaras screamed a threat: *"This is how the dogs of the 'half moon' will suffer!"

Both dogs were tied with ropes around their necks to an improvised wodden arch and hung, then were brutally beaten with sticks, before being beheaded.
Around them dozens of Ponchos Rojos, women and children celebrated the threat, some of them holding rifles, they showed proudly to members of the press

This torture happened during a concentration in the Altiplano, a place they call "The Great Barrack of Wala Chaka", just outside the town of Achacachi.
This group, an ally to the government, declared war to defend the Constituent Assembly and warned with blood shed, and announced a march to take the city of Sucre.

The Mayor of Achacachi and one Poncho Rojo, Eugenio Rojas, and social leader Ruperto Quispe, informed that this Sunday 1.000 peasants will march to Sucre. "If they oppose we will have to attack", said Quispe.

Minister of Government, Alfredo Rada, questioned the attitute of the Ponchos Rojos. "Its not the way to defend a democratic process", said.

* Half moon or "Media Luna" 4 cities of Bolivia: Tarija, Santa Cruz, Beni and Pando. Cities with the largest reserve of natural gas, and asking for auntonomy.

El Duderino said...

Just because you are Bolivian and a member of the "educated" middle class does not mean you are not an ignorant idiot. Please come back when you have serious criticisms of Morales. No one takes you seriously when you call a man who has won 67% in monitored elections a "dictator".