Friday, March 20, 2009

Ensuring Miami freedom from sanity

Awhile back this group calling itself "The Association of Eastern Residents in Florida" (Asociaciòn de Residentes Orientales en la Florida) put me on their email listserve, I assume because either they did not read the content of the blog or were feeling overconfident that their pro-"Media Luna" crapoganda would convince me of the errors of my ways. Modelling themselves on the spectacular success of Cuban-Americans in overthrowing Castro I have been quietly laughing at their "news reports" and rants against Evo´s "dictatorship" appearing in my mailbox for many months now. They are honestly not important enough to comment much on.
However I want to share with you one of their protests in Miami titled "Free the Truth" demanding the release of Bolivia´s "political prisoners" which recieved coverage by local Miami Spanish language news. The crazy woman screaming unintelligently in the video is named Eva Sara Landau, fancies herself one of the group spokesmen and a "political exile" from Bolivia. Her facebook account which used to be open (and was included in the email I recieved) had pictures of the protest in which one member had a t-shirt listing Leopold Fernandez a "political prisoner" and pictures of Leopold Fernandez under arrest with the description "victim of Aymara communism". (I did download the T-shirt picture and will post it later)
There is really no use in hiding your disgusting commentary Eva, your group´s fascistic and racist sympathies are already obvious from the official website which links to people like the "Nación Camba". For those wondering whose face is printed on Eva´s shirt like an idiot, that would be Jorge Melgar currently jailed for calling for the assassination of Evo Morales on his radio program. These people seemed destined to hold onto their delusions of a "Media Luna" until the end of days in Miami. Disneyworld is not to far away, you might want to check it out it is a much more tangable fanstay.
So now I will leave you with something destined to confuse, disgust, and blow your mind. The "poster" below was recently included in one of their emails distributed to motivate Bolivian-Americans to protest Evo Morales when he came to the UN. I wish I could say I made it up.


Update: As promised photos downloaded from Eva Sara Landau's facebook page.


Bina said...

Yeah, the prefect of Pando is a political prisoner. For ordering the massacre of a bunch of indigenous people. How much more political can ya get?

Next thing you know, we'll be hearing that those crazy kids in the Nazimobile were freedom fighters, or some such. Poor oppressed things!

Anonymous said...

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Otto Rock said...

Bless her!

Anonymous said...

Oh. Wow. That picture really is worth a thousand words.

Sayubu said...

We all obviously know that Evo is trying to perpetuate himself in power, that should not raise any eyebrows to anyone; what is funny is trying to make people (anglophones) believe that there are no political prisoners in Bolivia. What a joke !

Masked men entering private homes in the middle of night to kidnap people while they are sleeping without identifying themselves ... you really have to be blind to believe we are still living in democracy in Bolivia.

Also, excellent coverage on the Residentes Orientales website paisano ! I just found you as one of my biggest referrers ... that's how I found your website, and by the way my friend, I am probably more colla than you.

Me voy a escuchar Los Kjarkas / Bolivia.

El Duderino said...

My blog is one of Residentes Orientales biggest references because the only people who visit your website are those desiring to laugh at your insanity.

Bina said...

If Evo is "trying to perpetuate himself in power", he's succeeding. Nearly 70% approval ratings. Gee, I wonder how that can be. Somehow, I doubt masked men are really involved.

Epic fail, but nice try!