Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday wrap up

The New York Times lets the Indian speak on coca's behalf; still does not make up for Simon Romero. Bina also highlights an Evo interview for the Dutch press.

Evo also explains why Ronald Larsen is losing his land, "It is not that these lands were not in production, but that they were the site of human rights violations against the Guarani, who will now be their new owners."

The State Department patronizes Evo, demanding a "coherent" explanation for the expulsion of their diplomat. Evo believes he worked for the CIA. That clear enough?

Mark Weisbrot has breakfast with Pablo Solón, Bolivia's Ambassador to the United Nations.

And Ben Dangl discusses the problems facing decolonization.

OMG! BoRev is a psychotic genius.


dv said...

Why didn't Morales take all of Larson's land? Doesn't Larson's ranch by itself cover over 100,000 acres? The 5 families (including Larson's) equals 89,000.

37,000 of those acres were Larson's or 58 square miles. For comparison the District of Columbia (US capitol) is 68 square miles. Still why let him keep 2/3 of his ranch?

anderson said...

Worked for the CIA, worked with the CIA ... it's all very nebulous, I'm sure.