Wednesday, April 01, 2009

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Fool's Day wrap up

Jim Shultz pulls everyone's funny bone with "Morales Charges US Conspiracy to Force Bolivia into Daylight Savings Time". The joke post about a supposed USAID plot to change Bolivian time has been widely propogated, even appearing on The Huffington Post. When Jeremy Bigwood came up with documents and emails showing actual USAID meddling in domestic Bolivian politics the overwhelming response was, well, different... cough...(uncomfortable silence) But no one engages in hypocritical double standards or censorship, never! ever!
Prensa Latina writes the best headline ever! Even better than this one.
Evo's dictatorial government knows no bounds. Those guys even respond to public pressure by PETA! Move over Chavez, Lamest Ditatorship EVER!
Evo's field of Presidental challangers for December is filling out. The list now includes Dorian Medina, Carlos Mesa, Jorge "Tuto" Quiroga, Victor Cardenas, and Alejo Veliz. Rather than go through each one explaining their fatal flaws, let me explain their chances this way:
These guys are challanging a sitting head of state with a last tested approval rating of 67%. All of these candidates campaigned against the New Constitution, approved by 61% of voters. You do the math!
Oh yeah, and then there is Rene Joaquino, but don't expect to hear much about this guy's Presidential campaign in the English language press. His Alianza Social (AS) party is, generally speaking, to the left of Morales, and so talking about him gets in the way of the convient narrative of a bunch of "moderate, pro-democracy" candidates facing off against the "Mugabe of the Andes".
And finally, Bolivia proves it does not need the DEA. Otto raises a good question about the huge drug bust: How in the world did the DEA miss such a huge cociane operation? Maybe because they used all there fancy equipment to monitor uppity political figures like Evo rather than actual druglords.