Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Evo 1, AP-Israel 0

So the AP got their hands on a super duper secret Israel report which claims Bolivia and Venezuela are supplying Iran with uranium to use in NUCLEAR WEAPONS. Fuck.

Only one small footnote: "There isn't even a precise geological study of uranium deposits [in Bolivia], and much less can there be talk of export", from Bolivia's Mining Minister Luis Alberto Echazu.

Bolivian Presidential Minister Ramón Quintana wasn't so polite:
"Only a clown would let such barbarities happen. Since it's so, it must be said that a certain Israeli agency is an agency of inepts, incompetents, and clowns."
The United States and Israel's Foreign Minister have declined to comment on the "secret report". Probably because they know it was originally drafted by the Washington Times who published last February the same retarded theory connecting Evo to Iranian nuclear weapons.

Monday, May 25, 2009

BBC allegedly reports on Bolivia

It is now official that the BBC is its own worst enemy. How do one manage to screw up a newstory when you have a good field reporter willing to shoot straight about race and politics in Bolivia?

Refusal to do a 30 second Google search fact check. I am fucking serious.

Candace Piette has been vainly trying to explain to the BBC editors the signifance of yesterdays march through Sucre by indigenous supporters of Evo. That there was this disgustingly racist humiliation of indigenous campesinos in the same spot one year prior. But according to the BBC that is just like her opinion, man. "Rival marches in Bolivian capital"

Indians were allegedly picked out and beaten, some stripped and publicly humiliated, the BBC's Candace Piette in Sucre reports.

Hmm, how could one find out if that were true? I don't know, maybe type into Google "Sucre, racism, humiliation, May 24". Or maybe check Youtube:

So now you guys at BBC look like a bunch of racist jackasses because you are lazy idiots. How would you feel if I wrote:

The Twin Towers in the northern city of New York were allegedly attacked and some three thousand people killed, allegedly, the Abiding in Bolivia's Walter Sobchak in the United States reports.

Seriously, if you really think the beatings, stripping, and humiliation were only alleged, tell that to these folks who marched through Sucre yesterday at the exact spot of their prior humiliation.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

R.I.P. Abraham Bohorquez

Member of the El Alto Ukamau y Ke hip-hop group. T'anta Wawa has the detials of the passing of this young inspirational artist. Update: Ben Dangl remembers his friend.

One year later

It has been one year since the "unprintable" events of the 24 of May, when several dozen indigenous supporters of Evo Morales were beaten, paraded, and stripped through the streets of Sucre making painfully clear to Bolivia (but apparently not the western press) the deep racism at the heart of the rightwing "Sucre Capital" movement. I recommend if you are unfamiliar and understand Spanish to watch "Humillados y Ofendidos", a documentary on the incident.

A year later the BBC has finally broken silence due to the reporting of Candace Piette, "Colonial Scars Run Deep in Bolivia". Let's just say that colonial scars don't only run deep in Bolivia.

In Bolivia, Evo has declared the 24 of May National Anti-Racism Day and will be celebrating the 200th anniversary of the struggle for independence from Spain in El Villar, outside of Sucre where the occasion is traditionally held. Additionally, local indigenous campesinos plan to march through Sucre in defiance of the discrimination they experience there. Sucre has had the banners for the 200th anniversary of their claim to the "Cradle of Liberty" up for three years in anticipation of this day- it's a serious snub for Sucre to reflect back on.