Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Evo 1, AP-Israel 0

So the AP got their hands on a super duper secret Israel report which claims Bolivia and Venezuela are supplying Iran with uranium to use in NUCLEAR WEAPONS. Fuck.

Only one small footnote: "There isn't even a precise geological study of uranium deposits [in Bolivia], and much less can there be talk of export", from Bolivia's Mining Minister Luis Alberto Echazu.

Bolivian Presidential Minister Ramón Quintana wasn't so polite:
"Only a clown would let such barbarities happen. Since it's so, it must be said that a certain Israeli agency is an agency of inepts, incompetents, and clowns."
The United States and Israel's Foreign Minister have declined to comment on the "secret report". Probably because they know it was originally drafted by the Washington Times who published last February the same retarded theory connecting Evo to Iranian nuclear weapons.


Amazilia said...

The international and peruvian press is so biased in their reporting of Bolivia and Venezuela that is almost funny, the only problem is that most peruvians believe in them...

Bina said...

Evo playing soccer is GOOD.

The AP, the Washington Moonie paper, and the government of Israel, not so much.