Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Who supports the Honduran coup in Bolivia?

Naturally, the racist coup monger Ruben Costas, Santa Cruz Prefect and all around shithead. Having failed at his own coup attempt how might he justify the Honduran coup? It's Hugo Chavez's fault! Fortunately those leading the Honduran coup appear to be just as stupid as Costas. Welcome to the 21st Century bitches!

Update: Meanwhile Evo wants to establish an international economic blockade of the golpista Honduran government.

Hat Tip: BoliviaSol

From Bolivia to Honduras: Coups and Constitutions

"Supporters of Honduras' President Manuel Zelaya sing the national anthem outside the presidential house in Tegucigalpa" (picture stolen from LANR)

Clifton Ross

Even in the best of times a coup in Honduras wouldn’t get much coverage in the U.S. since most North Americans couldn’t find the country on a map and, moreover, would have no reason to do so. Nevertheless, those in the U.S. who have been alert to the changes in Latin America over the past decade and almost everyone south of the border know that the coup d’etat (or “golpe de estado”) against President Manuel Zelaya has profound implications for the region and, in fact, all of Latin America. While the US press will glance from their intent gaze at reruns and specials on Michael Jackson and Farah Fawcett only long enough to report on President Obama’s reaction to the coup, Latin Americans will keep their eyes on the governments of the region as well as the social movements in Honduras as they search for a key to how the whole affair will turn out

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Honduras Coup Updates

The coup in pictures!

BoRev is in top form with the latest and press trash. Go Read.

Read one Gringa's definition of "democracy" and you will understand why Latin America wants little to do with the United States these days. Otto has good advice for gringos like these. (h/t: Mexfiles and Gaviero)

And yes, no need to speculate, the coup leader is a US School of the Americas graduate. (h/t Ten Percent)

What the coup mongers fear most: cartoons.

In case you've been wondering, this coup will fail. The Bank says so.

Ben Dangl, "Showdown in Honduras"

Monday, June 29, 2009

A fight for the Amazon that should inspire the world

Johann Hari

The uprising In the Amazon is more urgent than Iran's - it will determine the future of the planet

While the world nervously watches the uprising in Iran, an even more important uprising has been passing unnoticed – yet its outcome will shape your fate, and mine.

In the depths of the Amazon rainforest, the poorest people in the world have taken on the richest people in the world to defend a part of the ecosystem none of us can live without. They had nothing but wooden spears and moral force to defeat the oil companies – and, for today, they have won.

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Obama and Evo agree

The military coup in Honduras is unacceptable.
President Obama:"I am deeply concerned by reports coming out of Honduras regarding the detention and expulsion of President Mel Zelaya. As the Organization of American States did on Friday, I call on all political and social actors in Honduras to respect democratic norms, the rule of law and the tenets of the Inter-American Democratic Charter. Any existing tensions and disputes must be resolved peacefully through dialogue free from any outside interference."
President Morales:"I ask for the immediate restitution of President Zelaya. We are no longer in the times of dictators... I make a call to the international organizations, the social movements of Latin America and the world, to the Presidents and democratic governments to condone, to repudiate this military coup d'etat in Honduras."
Inca Kola News is keeping up with the latest and providing good links.
Eva Golinger believes I've given Obama too much credit. Go to link, has good update section at bottom covering the latest.

More Updates, day two
The Obama administration has finally made an unequivocal statement in support of Zelaya. Looks like those backing the coup from the CIA lost the internal debate in DC.

The western press is more idiotic than you thought.

OAS statement unequivocally condemning the coup.

Good article from Upside Down World, "An Old Honduran Coup on a Different Stage"

Friday, June 26, 2009

What's the old douchebag up to?

You may ask yourself from time to time, "I wonder what that old douchy US Ambassador to Bolivia is up to these days?", you know... now that secret meetings with (mercenary armed) fascist seperatists in Santa Cruz is out of the question. Looks like Philip Goldberg will be trying out his "diplomatic" skills in a whole new continent, picked to head up US efforts to enforce new sanctions against North Korea. Unlike Goldberg's previous work I am sure there is nothing shady afoot going on...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

News and stuff

Meet Adriana Gil, the cute cruceña who helped Evo's 2005 Presidential campaign in Santa Cruz (see Cocalero) but later turned against MAS when she realized Evo was serious about this whole "Agrarian Reform" thing and that her latifundista family might have to give up some land to poor brown people. Now she has proven that she also has zero political sense of her own by agreeing to become the Presidential running mate of Manfred Villa's moribund campaign. Poor choice chica.

In Vallegrande, Bolivia Che lives as a cash cow.

Will Bolivia and the US kiss and make up? Turns out there are some serious issues between the two.

Branco Marinkovic still thinks he has a future, deciding to buy the Santa Cruz daily paper El Nuevo Dia. Sorry but no amount of propaganda is going to get you out of this mess, buddy.

Branco's buddies in the Santa Cruz Youth Union are on hard times. Their ex-President, David Sejas will likely soon be facing criminal conspiracy and terrorism charges for his part in the Evo assassination-mercenary plot. If that wasn't enough, the fascist youth group is turning against itself, its offices recently vandalized by ex-members.

Additionally, VP Alvaro Linera has confirmed that Hugo Acha of the Human Rights Foundation was a principle financier of the seperatist mecrenary group. Word to the HRF, Bolivia is pretty serious about this whole incident, you guys ought to rebrand yourselves or something.

As Otto at IKN has been tracking, the Swine Flu is a rich persons disease and in Bolivia it's no different; with Santa Cruz being the "epicenter" of Bolivian cases.

And finally, some Bolivian journalist figured out the obvious "The Allies of the United States are the World's Biggest Producers of Cociane".

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Los Kjarkas - Fria

Version Oriental (Santa Cruz) with Miss Bolivia 2007 Jessicia Jordan. Comments welcome.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Conspiracy, mercenaries, gay Muslims and other April happenings

So while I was incommunicado some crazy 'ish happened in Bolivia and I am still trying to figure out this Evo assassination plot thing. Tell me I am not the only one.

According to the Bolivia author Emilio Martinez in his new book (pictured above), Evo Morales massacred a bunch of nice tourists last April in Santa Cruz to cover up something rotten. However, you should probably also know that Mr. Martinez thinks Evo is the puppet of an international jewish conspiracy headed by George Soros.

But then the English language press has been telling us how the now dead accused mercenary Michael Dwyer was such a nice young guy, who liked guns, guns, and more guns! And the supposed hit squad ring leader Eduardo Rosza Flores a gay Muslim ultra-rightwing Marxist Croation terrorist, wha? My head broke.

Luckly, this Argentinian journalist Diego Gonzalez has put most of the pieces together in a piece translated and published by the Center for International Policy, "Conspiracy, Assassition, and Seperatism in Bolivia".

In addition to the usual suspects behind the assassination and destabilization plot, such as Branco Marinkovic, Argentine fascists, and US Embassy security personel, our buddies at the Human Rights Foundation were also involved by partially funding the mercenary group. Apparently the faux human rights organization doesn't just hire mentally unstable bloggers like Alek Boyd, they now also have criminal fugitives from Bolivia on their roster, Hugo Acha.

But it turns out these mercenaries are nothing unusual. They were just doing side work from their usual gig with the respectable corporate giant Shell Oil. It's just business baby.

(hat tip: Latin American News Review)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

What they forgot to tell you about Bolivia's Drug War

Move over Colombia, there is a new Scarface in town! According to the western press Bolivia is fast becoming "the top global producer of [cocaine]" according to a new UN study. All because Colombia managed to decrease coca cultivation last year while Bolivia and Peru are still increasing!

Except, they forgot to put in the sensationalist headlines that Bolivia produces one quarter (113 metric tons) of the coca crop Colombia does (430 tons), and one third of Peru's (302 tons). And that the UN actually praised Bolivia's drug enforcement agency (FELCN) for increasing seizures of cocaine and cocaine paste (that's actual refined product not simply potential cultivation) by 148% from 2007. And FELCN has done all this without the "help" of the US DEA, which according to former agents actually traffics cociane for the needy US consumer.

And just in case you think Colombia is finally turning itself around with this good news, according to Colombia analyst Adam Isacson coca cultivation will soon be back up as "Peasants who lost their savings in collapsed pyramid schemes in October began replanting coca on a huge scale." Yeah, capitalism!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Centellas sighting

The Dudes' spies (yes, they are everywhere!) spotted one Miguel Centellas of the blog Pronto, in a pink shirt, and his wife covorting at the high class Café 24 on the central plaza in Santa Cruz, Bolivia the other day. The place serves a recommended cappucino.
I know, its not much of an outing- the Bolivianist academic couple has been blogging on their summer vacation to Bolivia. But hey, even though Centellas refers to me as a "MAS apologist" and "racist", enjoy Santa Cruz, Bolivia, and good coffee where you can find it!
And don't forget to note all the very real racist, fascist, and homophobic graffiti dotting Santa Cruz. It gives a different impression than just reading La Razón or El Deber, don't it?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Regular programing to resume

A nasty bug/virus (who knows?) took me away from the interenetz for the last week. I was going to write a post on FoxNews' piece "Bolivia Becoming a Hotbed of Islamic Extremism" but it would be too hard to improve on BoRev's take so just go over there and read it instead.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dance with Pocahontas, end genocide?

On the pop-culture side of the Bagua massacre, the Pocahantas star of The New World (2005), Q’orianka Kilcher has come out of hiding to lead protests against Alan Garcia outside of the Peruvian consulate in Los Angeles. Like a good white man, her former co-star Colin Farrel has come to her "rescue" and will lead the Peru's indigenous revolution from California or something. (tip: BoRev, El Gaviero) But hey, my publicist says it's all worth a Democracy Now! interview. Give applause, it does bring attention.

And you too can up your Academy rep by attending anyone of these (link to Peruanista) protests at a Peruvian Embassy near you. And don't forget, tomorrow is National Strike Day in Peru- you wouldn't want to fall behind the trend.

Alvaro Linera backhands Twobreakfasts

Bolivia's Vice President Alvaro Linera took down the insinuations of Alan "Twobreakfasts" Garcia's dickhead Congressman Luis Gonsales Posada that Evo's address to the Fourth Continental Summit of Indigenous Peoples in Puno, Peru calling for indigenous people to "democratically take power" incited the Bagua violence.

It [Evo's address] is spoken to the peoples of the world, the workers of the world, the indigenous of the world and the continent, the marginalized, the exploited, the forgotten of the world. A letter that calls for the fundementals of life, dignity, and their recongition in various parts of the world, denied.
Words and paper do not kill, words and ideas of dignity do not murder.
That which provokes conflicts, violence, death or rebellions are not letters or documents. They are the internal problems of each society, the injustices, abuses, and discrimination that drive people to raise their struggles, resistance, and rebellions.

Furthermore, Bolivia's Foreign Secretary
Hugo Fernández expressed they are close to breaking diplomatic relations with Peru over Alan Garcia's provocations and Bagua violence.

What are those Indians up to?

Members of Alan Garcia's government have insinuated that the Fourth Continental Summit of Indigenous Peoples in Puno, Peru at the end of May prior to the massacre in Bagua incited, as part of a "foreign conspiracy" (read Evo- scary Indian boogieman), Peru's Amazonian natives to rebellion and killings of policemen. Corporate Bolivian television is following Alan's propoganda campaign with the same insinuations and interviews on UNITEL with crackpot Aparista Congressman Edgar Nunez and Luis Gonsales Posada.

To get an idea of what those "savage" brown people were up to in Puno here are two observers accounts.

Moving Forward: Fourth Continental Summit of Indigenous Peoples

Marc Becker

Five thousand Indigenous peoples from across the Americas gathered in the Peruvian highland city of Puno during the last week of May for the Fourth Continental Summit of Indigenous Peoples and Nationalities of Abya Yala. The meeting ended with a massive plenary session that approved resolutions providing alternatives to the capitalist crisis that western civilization is currently experiencing.

Abya Yala is the term the Kuna people of Panama use to describe the Americas. Indigenous activists have increasingly embraced it as an alternative to Euro-centric language.

Peruvian professor Aníbal Quijano who has long worked with Indigenous movements said that he believed "that this meeting is the most important political act in Latin America this year. It is important not only for Indigenous peoples, but also for the rest of humanity. It calls into question the role of capital in its worst moment as it threatens the survival of the planet."

continue reading...

Indigenous Summit Calls for Defense of Mother Earth - Peruvian Government Responds with a Massacre
Peru Blog

Last week I returned to Washington DC from Puno, Peru where over 6000 representatives of indigenous peoples and 500 international observers gathered for the 5-day IV Continental Summit of Indigenous Peoples. In Puno, I had the privilege of meeting with representatives of Peru’s indigenous peoples who have sustained peaceful protests for nearly two months in response to the U.S.-Peru FTA implementation law which violates indigenous rights and territories. Just days after the Summit, in a shocking act of aggression, Government forces opened fire on peaceful indigenous protestors, killing as many as 60 in the Peruvian Amazon.

continue reading...

Police in Peru accused of disappearing bodies

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Official: Peruvian police disappearing bodies

From Peruanista: Protest outside of Peruvian Embassy in Wash. DC

From Amazon Watch: "Eyewitness Reports Accuse Peruvian Police of Disposing the Bodies of Dead Indigenous Protesters"

Bagua, Peru (June 8, 2009) – In the aftermath of Friday's bloody raid on a peaceful indigenous road blockade near Bagua in the Peruvian Amazon, numerous eyewitnesses are reporting that the Special Forces of the Peruvian Police have been disposing of the bodies of indigenous protesters who were killed.

"Today I spoke to many eyewitnesses in Bagua reporting that they saw police throw the bodies of the dead into the Marañon River from a helicopter in an apparent attempt by the Government to underreport the number of indigenous people killed by police," said Gregor MacLennan, spokesperson for Amazon Watch.

(Hat Tip: IKN) continue reading...

And InterPressService: "PERU: ‘Police Are Throwing Bodies in the River,’ Say Native Protesters"

(IPS) - There are conflicting reports on a violent incident in Peru’s Amazon jungle region in which both police officers and indigenous protesters were killed.

The authorities, who describe last Friday’s incident as a "clash" between the police and protesters manning a roadblock, say 22 policemen and nine civilians were killed.

But leaders of the two-month roadblock say at least 40 indigenous people, including three children, were killed and that the authorities are covering up the massacre by throwing bodies in the river.

continue reading...

Peru: fascist propoganda

Official Peruvian government TV ad justifying the genocidal massacre of its own citizens as savage Indians with spears. The Peruvian police carry machine guns. (Hat Tip: Inca Kola News)

Monday, June 08, 2009

Note to journalists on Bagua

The Peruvian government is deliberately manipulating media reports and public perception of its genocidal massacre of indigenous protesters in Bagua. This fact is obvious to any journalist or observer. Alan has spoken about the "savage" butchering of captive policemen's throats, where are the photos? Here are photos of what the police have done to protesters.

Passing off the propoganda of Alan Garcia's government to the world as bonified news (such as this Wash. Times piece) is not only disgusting but under international genocide statutes it is also criminally complicit behavior. The chances of you ever being arrested and tried are extremely slim. But if this were Nuremburg you would be hanging from a rope. Don't forget it.

Democracy Now! on Bagua

Peru: Alan Garcia's fascist state

Alan Garcia last night in reference to the government reported deaths of some 20 police in Bagua (picture note: those are actual Peruvian riot police):
"When one thinks of the final moments of those officers who were disarmed, tied up and then had their throats slit like animals, one understands the barbarity and savageness [...] There is a conspiracy aimed at stopping us from using our natural resources for the good, growth and quality of life of our people,"
Additionally, Garcia is blaming incitement for the protests on "foreign" influence, namely the leftist governments of Venezuela and Bolivia rather than his selling of 72% of the Peruvian Amazon to multinational corporations.
Simply put, via Mate Pastor: "The government is using the death of members of the police force to incite citizens against our indigenous compatriots. This is a fascist attitude and must be denounced, even to international organisms."
Otto elaborates: "The tactics being used right now are similar to classic police-state governments: disinform, misinform, deflect, blame a bugbear or two and then rouse the rabble with fiery, polemic rhetoric. García's speech yesterday wil be defined as "defiant" by supporters, but it was laden with things such as "600,000 natives have to answer to 38 million Peruvians". In García's world, natives aren't Peruvians. In García's world, he has all the country behind him on this (neatly forgetting his 30% and dropping approal ratings). In García's world, the protests are due to "outside influences", whih only works in the Republic of Lima country model. The man is a shameless disgrace and has no place in mature, 21st century politics."
The Western press is shamefully following Alan's example, leading all stories of Bagua with police deaths while understating the civilian massacre, see Fox News and the New York Times prostitute known as Simon Romero.
Canadian activist Ben Powless:
"What we've been hearing from some of the communities is that a lot of the death tolls and the number of people hurt or injured are dramatically different from the Government figures, which put it as low as three to nine Indigenous people who have been killed," he said.
"But we have heard from some representatives on the ground that there may be as many as 100 people murdered.
"There was an active attempt by the Government here to portray it as a massacre of policemen who went into an area and were killed on their job, when in reality, native participants were sitting in blockades early in the morning [on Friday] when the police attacked."
"A lot of reports aren't making it out of the communities, the Government has a near monopoly on being able to get their own message out about the situation and convene press conferences, and I have not been able to go into the Amazon region yet as the military has taken control and restricted access."
Several international solidarity actions have taken place, in Washington DC, New York, Botoga.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Todos somos Amazónicos!

Some additional links and actions:

Amazon Watch: emergency fund, send a message

Global Response: model letter, list of contacts

Perunanists: US Action-Solidarity

Peruanists: US baised reporting

Facebook group

More disturbing photos if you don't yet believe us

Alan Garcia is an ugly murderer

Alan Garcia, the President of Peru has committed a massacre of more than two dozen indigenous people in Bagua, northern Peru. The violence has not ceased. This criminal must resign immidiately and face prosecution.

Otto at IKN has been following the story as it has been developing.

Peru: indigenous vs gov't and oil: The killing begins

Bagua is a bloodbath

Peru police use snipers to kill in Bagua

Bagua Peru news

The United Nations is pissed at Twobreakfasts, too

Also Mex Files gives a smart summary.

No need to make assumptions about Alan, he has already told us what he thinks of Amazonian natives and their rightto protest the selling of their ancestral lands to multinational oil companies:

"They are not first class citizens."

And you Alan are a racist son of a bitch and criminal! Peruvian police are reportingly dissappearing and burning bodies to bring down the body count to lessen public and international backlash for the massacre.

If you read the English language Google press stream this story is being sanitized as a "clash" or "Indians" and "tribesmen" killing Peruvian police by riot. Alan's government is already blaming the massacred for their own murders and labeling indigenous leaders criminals. Same shit as Pando, different country. Pictures tell a different story:

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Alan Garcia is a yapping dog

Jump dog! Jump!

A commentator asked about the current diplomatic tussle between Alan Garcia of Peru and Evo. To understand what is going on you really only have to know two things.

1) Alan Garcia is a fat slobering idiot, pathetic excuse for a human being much less President of Peru.

2) Most Peruvians would rather have Evo as their President than Mr. Twobreakfasts.

Then come the detials such as Alan Garcia's stupid provocation that Bolivia has somehow renounced its soveriegn claim to an ocean port and the granting of "asylum" (against both international and Peruvian law) to three Ex-Bolivian Ministers facing criminal prosecutions in Bolivia for their roles in murders of 67 people during the 2003 "Gas War".

Because Alan Garcia's government has zero rational for either position Peruvian politians have come up with stupid and racist excuses like this one from Peruvian Congressman Javier Valle Riestra:

"Evo is the most decadent and unqualified President that Bolivia has ever had. He belongs more to the lineage of barbarians brutes."

Then Bolivia responds by calling bullshit by its proper name, bullshit:

Bolivian Minister
Juan Ramón Quintana, "In some declarations, there is a tone of explicit racism that in truth worries us, but fortunately it is the Peruvian people who have historicially manifested their alignment with the aspirations of the Bolivian people and only a few [Peruvian] authorities with virreinal attitude who insult the aspirations of the Bolivian people."

So you may ask? Why would Alan Garcia and the conservative Peruvian press continue to focus and sensationalize this story if it makes his government look so stupid? Oh yeah...

...these guys.

Because if Alan and his clowns can continue to talk and provoke steam over Evo he doesn't have to talk about the fact that Peru's indigenous peoples are ready to put his head on a pike for selling off their ancestral lands to multinational oil companies without their consent.

And their you have it, or as they were singing at the IV Continental Summit of Indigenous Peoples in Puno:

Alan va a caer, va a caer, por vende patría va a caer!

Monday, June 01, 2009

What me paranoid?

If you want to know just how moronically paranoid and Islamophobic the US government is then I recommend reading the Office of Special Counsel's report “Bolivia — Key Muslim Converts Assert Local Peril, Ally With Zealots Abroad,” disecting Bolivia's Muslims "susceptibility to foreign Islamist influence."

In case you were wondering the size of Bolivia's Muslim population is approximately 1,000 (that's individual persons), or less than one tenth of one percent of the total population.

And yes, this tin foil hat really blocks the Martians mind control rays!

Eduardo Galeano on Democracy Now!

Eduardo Galeano for the hour, enjoy.