Sunday, June 07, 2009

Alan Garcia is an ugly murderer

Alan Garcia, the President of Peru has committed a massacre of more than two dozen indigenous people in Bagua, northern Peru. The violence has not ceased. This criminal must resign immidiately and face prosecution.

Otto at IKN has been following the story as it has been developing.

Peru: indigenous vs gov't and oil: The killing begins

Bagua is a bloodbath

Peru police use snipers to kill in Bagua

Bagua Peru news

The United Nations is pissed at Twobreakfasts, too

Also Mex Files gives a smart summary.

No need to make assumptions about Alan, he has already told us what he thinks of Amazonian natives and their rightto protest the selling of their ancestral lands to multinational oil companies:

"They are not first class citizens."

And you Alan are a racist son of a bitch and criminal! Peruvian police are reportingly dissappearing and burning bodies to bring down the body count to lessen public and international backlash for the massacre.

If you read the English language Google press stream this story is being sanitized as a "clash" or "Indians" and "tribesmen" killing Peruvian police by riot. Alan's government is already blaming the massacred for their own murders and labeling indigenous leaders criminals. Same shit as Pando, different country. Pictures tell a different story:

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Bina said...

Between this and the sheltering of Venezuelan and Bolivian corruptos, there's just no more excuse for anyone to put up with him. He's a crook. He's going down.

Hasta la vista, ladrón.