Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Alan Garcia is a yapping dog

Jump dog! Jump!

A commentator asked about the current diplomatic tussle between Alan Garcia of Peru and Evo. To understand what is going on you really only have to know two things.

1) Alan Garcia is a fat slobering idiot, pathetic excuse for a human being much less President of Peru.

2) Most Peruvians would rather have Evo as their President than Mr. Twobreakfasts.

Then come the detials such as Alan Garcia's stupid provocation that Bolivia has somehow renounced its soveriegn claim to an ocean port and the granting of "asylum" (against both international and Peruvian law) to three Ex-Bolivian Ministers facing criminal prosecutions in Bolivia for their roles in murders of 67 people during the 2003 "Gas War".

Because Alan Garcia's government has zero rational for either position Peruvian politians have come up with stupid and racist excuses like this one from Peruvian Congressman Javier Valle Riestra:

"Evo is the most decadent and unqualified President that Bolivia has ever had. He belongs more to the lineage of barbarians brutes."

Then Bolivia responds by calling bullshit by its proper name, bullshit:

Bolivian Minister
Juan Ramón Quintana, "In some declarations, there is a tone of explicit racism that in truth worries us, but fortunately it is the Peruvian people who have historicially manifested their alignment with the aspirations of the Bolivian people and only a few [Peruvian] authorities with virreinal attitude who insult the aspirations of the Bolivian people."

So you may ask? Why would Alan Garcia and the conservative Peruvian press continue to focus and sensationalize this story if it makes his government look so stupid? Oh yeah...

...these guys.

Because if Alan and his clowns can continue to talk and provoke steam over Evo he doesn't have to talk about the fact that Peru's indigenous peoples are ready to put his head on a pike for selling off their ancestral lands to multinational oil companies without their consent.

And their you have it, or as they were singing at the IV Continental Summit of Indigenous Peoples in Puno:

Alan va a caer, va a caer, por vende patría va a caer!


Anonymous said...

I dislike very much Garcia but the fat-phobic and childlish first part of your response doesn't help to unmask him.
Unfortunately many peruvians fall for the nationalistic manipulations in the media and Evo declarations were taken badly.

Bina said...

"You know what? I'm not black, but there's a whole lot of times I wish I wasn't white." --Frank Zappa