Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Alvaro Linera backhands Twobreakfasts

Bolivia's Vice President Alvaro Linera took down the insinuations of Alan "Twobreakfasts" Garcia's dickhead Congressman Luis Gonsales Posada that Evo's address to the Fourth Continental Summit of Indigenous Peoples in Puno, Peru calling for indigenous people to "democratically take power" incited the Bagua violence.

It [Evo's address] is spoken to the peoples of the world, the workers of the world, the indigenous of the world and the continent, the marginalized, the exploited, the forgotten of the world. A letter that calls for the fundementals of life, dignity, and their recongition in various parts of the world, denied.
Words and paper do not kill, words and ideas of dignity do not murder.
That which provokes conflicts, violence, death or rebellions are not letters or documents. They are the internal problems of each society, the injustices, abuses, and discrimination that drive people to raise their struggles, resistance, and rebellions.

Furthermore, Bolivia's Foreign Secretary
Hugo Fernández expressed they are close to breaking diplomatic relations with Peru over Alan Garcia's provocations and Bagua violence.

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Bina said...

Houston, we have smackdown.

Diplomatic rupture? Yes please!