Friday, June 19, 2009

Centellas sighting

The Dudes' spies (yes, they are everywhere!) spotted one Miguel Centellas of the blog Pronto, in a pink shirt, and his wife covorting at the high class Café 24 on the central plaza in Santa Cruz, Bolivia the other day. The place serves a recommended cappucino.
I know, its not much of an outing- the Bolivianist academic couple has been blogging on their summer vacation to Bolivia. But hey, even though Centellas refers to me as a "MAS apologist" and "racist", enjoy Santa Cruz, Bolivia, and good coffee where you can find it!
And don't forget to note all the very real racist, fascist, and homophobic graffiti dotting Santa Cruz. It gives a different impression than just reading La Razón or El Deber, don't it?


Anonymous said...

sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!! hehehehe what a groovy news bit. May he also note that the "democracy fighters" and autonomists only reach to what the five or sixth ring?, not really the whole Department??

That cafe does sound a ways from Plan Tres Mil or Provincia Cordillera.. Mr. Centellas please be sure to visit the real Santa Cruz if you can

k8 said...

Well, I must say, I feel a little violated that no one introduced themselves to us. We certainly would have invited your "spies" (your term, not ours) to sit and enjoy a cafecito. A little face-to-face debate never hurt anyone, right? May I ask how we were recognized?

And, Anon, how do you define the "real" anything? How is a cafe on the Plaza Principal not "real"? What about a comedor off the 5th ring where we ate with family? How is that "real" vs. this cafe? Careful of claims to "real" and "authentic." They're slippery and always receding from grasp and definition.

mcentellas said...

I´m going to assume you were being rather snarky, since I´m neither famous nor important enough to stalk. Glad you assume I´m an asshole just because I had coffee downtown. Next time, introduce yourself. You may find we´re not so different.

(And, for the record, I have several cousins you live beyond the 8th ring even!)

Anonymous said...

welcome to the internet.

Anonymous said...

I read his blog and he is so anti-Evo, is sad that the academics can overcome their racial/ethnic/geographical prejudicies.
And they say they are objective...

mcentellas said...

Not being pro-Evo is not the same as being anti-Evo. If I´m anything, it´s anti nationalism (of the aggressive xenophobic sort), anti-interventionism (that includes US intervening in foreign countries, as well as other countries intervening in illegitimate ways), anti-authoritarianism. I´m an unapologetic liberal pluralist, believe in cosmopolitanism, and the ability of common people to (more often than not) better decide their own fate than individual leaders if given the proper tools & opportunity. I believe even opponents should have rights to express their views (even views we may find utterly distasteful). I don´t think attacking opponents physically can be justified (e.g. attacking Cardenas house/family, but also attacking indigenous marchers in Sucre). That´s the extent of my objectivism. I condem both government & opposition for their breach of liberal-pluralist democratic principles. It´s also true that objectivity is in the eye of the beholder. I get slammed as much by rabid right wing extremists as by those on the left. I use that as a good assessment of my centrism. Whether others find that as being "objective" or not, is up to them.