Monday, June 22, 2009

Conspiracy, mercenaries, gay Muslims and other April happenings

So while I was incommunicado some crazy 'ish happened in Bolivia and I am still trying to figure out this Evo assassination plot thing. Tell me I am not the only one.

According to the Bolivia author Emilio Martinez in his new book (pictured above), Evo Morales massacred a bunch of nice tourists last April in Santa Cruz to cover up something rotten. However, you should probably also know that Mr. Martinez thinks Evo is the puppet of an international jewish conspiracy headed by George Soros.

But then the English language press has been telling us how the now dead accused mercenary Michael Dwyer was such a nice young guy, who liked guns, guns, and more guns! And the supposed hit squad ring leader Eduardo Rosza Flores a gay Muslim ultra-rightwing Marxist Croation terrorist, wha? My head broke.

Luckly, this Argentinian journalist Diego Gonzalez has put most of the pieces together in a piece translated and published by the Center for International Policy, "Conspiracy, Assassition, and Seperatism in Bolivia".

In addition to the usual suspects behind the assassination and destabilization plot, such as Branco Marinkovic, Argentine fascists, and US Embassy security personel, our buddies at the Human Rights Foundation were also involved by partially funding the mercenary group. Apparently the faux human rights organization doesn't just hire mentally unstable bloggers like Alek Boyd, they now also have criminal fugitives from Bolivia on their roster, Hugo Acha.

But it turns out these mercenaries are nothing unusual. They were just doing side work from their usual gig with the respectable corporate giant Shell Oil. It's just business baby.

(hat tip: Latin American News Review)

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