Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dance with Pocahontas, end genocide?

On the pop-culture side of the Bagua massacre, the Pocahantas star of The New World (2005), Q’orianka Kilcher has come out of hiding to lead protests against Alan Garcia outside of the Peruvian consulate in Los Angeles. Like a good white man, her former co-star Colin Farrel has come to her "rescue" and will lead the Peru's indigenous revolution from California or something. (tip: BoRev, El Gaviero) But hey, my publicist says it's all worth a Democracy Now! interview. Give applause, it does bring attention.

And you too can up your Academy rep by attending anyone of these (link to Peruanista) protests at a Peruvian Embassy near you. And don't forget, tomorrow is National Strike Day in Peru- you wouldn't want to fall behind the trend.

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