Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What are those Indians up to?

Members of Alan Garcia's government have insinuated that the Fourth Continental Summit of Indigenous Peoples in Puno, Peru at the end of May prior to the massacre in Bagua incited, as part of a "foreign conspiracy" (read Evo- scary Indian boogieman), Peru's Amazonian natives to rebellion and killings of policemen. Corporate Bolivian television is following Alan's propoganda campaign with the same insinuations and interviews on UNITEL with crackpot Aparista Congressman Edgar Nunez and Luis Gonsales Posada.

To get an idea of what those "savage" brown people were up to in Puno here are two observers accounts.

Moving Forward: Fourth Continental Summit of Indigenous Peoples

Marc Becker

Five thousand Indigenous peoples from across the Americas gathered in the Peruvian highland city of Puno during the last week of May for the Fourth Continental Summit of Indigenous Peoples and Nationalities of Abya Yala. The meeting ended with a massive plenary session that approved resolutions providing alternatives to the capitalist crisis that western civilization is currently experiencing.

Abya Yala is the term the Kuna people of Panama use to describe the Americas. Indigenous activists have increasingly embraced it as an alternative to Euro-centric language.

Peruvian professor Aníbal Quijano who has long worked with Indigenous movements said that he believed "that this meeting is the most important political act in Latin America this year. It is important not only for Indigenous peoples, but also for the rest of humanity. It calls into question the role of capital in its worst moment as it threatens the survival of the planet."

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Indigenous Summit Calls for Defense of Mother Earth - Peruvian Government Responds with a Massacre
Peru Blog

Last week I returned to Washington DC from Puno, Peru where over 6000 representatives of indigenous peoples and 500 international observers gathered for the 5-day IV Continental Summit of Indigenous Peoples. In Puno, I had the privilege of meeting with representatives of Peru’s indigenous peoples who have sustained peaceful protests for nearly two months in response to the U.S.-Peru FTA implementation law which violates indigenous rights and territories. Just days after the Summit, in a shocking act of aggression, Government forces opened fire on peaceful indigenous protestors, killing as many as 60 in the Peruvian Amazon.

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