Thursday, June 25, 2009

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Meet Adriana Gil, the cute cruceña who helped Evo's 2005 Presidential campaign in Santa Cruz (see Cocalero) but later turned against MAS when she realized Evo was serious about this whole "Agrarian Reform" thing and that her latifundista family might have to give up some land to poor brown people. Now she has proven that she also has zero political sense of her own by agreeing to become the Presidential running mate of Manfred Villa's moribund campaign. Poor choice chica.

In Vallegrande, Bolivia Che lives as a cash cow.

Will Bolivia and the US kiss and make up? Turns out there are some serious issues between the two.

Branco Marinkovic still thinks he has a future, deciding to buy the Santa Cruz daily paper El Nuevo Dia. Sorry but no amount of propaganda is going to get you out of this mess, buddy.

Branco's buddies in the Santa Cruz Youth Union are on hard times. Their ex-President, David Sejas will likely soon be facing criminal conspiracy and terrorism charges for his part in the Evo assassination-mercenary plot. If that wasn't enough, the fascist youth group is turning against itself, its offices recently vandalized by ex-members.

Additionally, VP Alvaro Linera has confirmed that Hugo Acha of the Human Rights Foundation was a principle financier of the seperatist mecrenary group. Word to the HRF, Bolivia is pretty serious about this whole incident, you guys ought to rebrand yourselves or something.

As Otto at IKN has been tracking, the Swine Flu is a rich persons disease and in Bolivia it's no different; with Santa Cruz being the "epicenter" of Bolivian cases.

And finally, some Bolivian journalist figured out the obvious "The Allies of the United States are the World's Biggest Producers of Cociane".

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