Monday, June 01, 2009

What me paranoid?

If you want to know just how moronically paranoid and Islamophobic the US government is then I recommend reading the Office of Special Counsel's report “Bolivia — Key Muslim Converts Assert Local Peril, Ally With Zealots Abroad,” disecting Bolivia's Muslims "susceptibility to foreign Islamist influence."

In case you were wondering the size of Bolivia's Muslim population is approximately 1,000 (that's individual persons), or less than one tenth of one percent of the total population.

And yes, this tin foil hat really blocks the Martians mind control rays!


Bina said...

Meanwhile, are they saying anything about Eduardo Rózsa Flores, whacked-out, messed-up, embarrassingly fanatical convert to Islam--and would-be assassin of Evo?

(crickets, very loud)

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the outroar in peru for Evo's declarations?
Any comment?

Bina said...

How about this comment from Bolivia?