Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bolivia accuses USSOUTHCOM of supporting Pando "civic coup"

US Army South Emblem. It's called neocolonialism, people.

While you are unlikely to read about it in the western press, Bolivian Presidential Minister Juan Ramón Quintana today made the most serious accusation of US political subversion activity against the government of Evo Morales in the run up to the September "Media Luna" coup attempt. Previously accusations have focused on the indirect or obscure activities of ex-Ambassador Philip "douchebag" Goldberg and USAID.

Quintana accused the US Southern Military Command of directly supporting and assisting the political activities of Pando ex-Prefect Leopoldo Fernandez and the local landed oligarchy in fermenting a coup against Evo Morales, based on alleged documents.
Quintana spoke that there existis proof of the presence of Southern Command forces and of the United States Embassy in Porvenir, over towns in Pando, and neighborhoods of Cobija to support political work to the favor of Fernandez.
The coup attempt in Pando climaxed with the massacre in Porvenir of more than two-dozen Evo supporters by Fernandez's paramilitaries, for which the ex-Prefect is now incarcerated facing genocide charges.

Continuing, the Minister alleges a group of rightwing politicos (included PODEMOS senator Roger Pinto, a latifundista) illegally welcomed Southern Com without notification or approval of Congress. Vice President Alvaro Linera has previously insinuated that Fernandez wished to make Pando a Protectorate of the United States.

Quintana, "These men prefered that the United States Southern Command settle in the city of Cobija, prefered to mortgage our soveriegnty- that the [Bolivian] state protects the national terrority from external interference."

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