Saturday, July 04, 2009

It can happen here

A good post at Mex Files explains just why opposing the military coup in Honduras is important for those living in the United States and Mexico. Go read, seriously. It can happen here. Don't believe me, read what US Senator Jim Demint has to say about "democracy".

In other coup news, the coup government has preemptively withdrawn from the OAS, word is there are big anti-coup marches in the capital, and some dude named Barry Grey makes what I think is a smart observation of US backdoor dealing over the coup:
Since Sunday’s coup, Washington has been working for a negotiated settlement between Zelaya and the new government, possibly involving restoring Zelaya to power, but on terms more favorable to the US and under conditions where Zelaya’s government would be politically crippled.
Zelaya's wife and son are staying at the home of the US Ambassador in Tegucigalpa, just saying.

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