Thursday, July 09, 2009

Selling out

Otto at Inca Kola News with his petty bourgeois capitalist ways has convinced me to experiment with Adsense, soiling my grand revolutionary diatribes with the Man. It's an experiment you can chose to support, or not (but don't spam click). If I can recoup the coffee and internet cafe costs behind the blog I'll consider it a success.


Anonymous said...

Dear Abiding,
You Capitalist Pig!!! ...and such an evil organization in the first ad! You want people poor people to become energy independent? But that sounds communist! Which is it? Capitalist or Communist? Pick a side you sellout!

Clare Sammells said...

You know, it really depends what you do with the ad revenue... :-)

Otto Rock said...




El Duderino said...

It looks like Google has already categorized my blog as some kind of hippy "save the world" gathering based on the ads they are throwing up.

Anonymous said...

You Hippy Communist Capitalist Pig Do Gooder!!!