Sunday, July 05, 2009

Tyler Bridges: White is Black

You may have heard about that awful military coup in Honduras and of Cristina Kirchner's recent electoral setback in Argentina, but do you know what it really means?

The downturn of Evo and Chavez's leftist politics in Latin America! (I knew those commie populists had it coming)

It's true because some "analysts" told McClatchy reporter Tyler Bridges whose wiz reporting last uncovered the brewing Iranian-Bolivian terrorists plot against America: dairy factories!

Confused? Well listen up. You know that coup in Honduras against the lefty President that every country and organization in the world has opposed? Well, the referendum the coup-deposed President Zelaya was trying to get through was really just a Chavez populism inspired attempt to stay in power to allow reelection. Ha! (No! Don't look at the actual referendum question. You'll ruin the whole story!)

Ok, yeah. And did you know that Correa and Evo both won passage of new constitutions, that Chavez won passage of a referendum allowing him to be reelected, that Evo looks to certianly win the next Presidental election in December, and that Correa won reelction in April. What losers!

And Kirchner. She seems like a pinko, so I am sure they are feeling those local election loses in La Paz and Caracas.

Next let's all plow our head into the sand! My analyst tells me it's best to do so before facts and common sense set in.

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