Friday, July 24, 2009

UNHCR on "divisive" Morales

Excerpts from State of the World's Minorities and Indigenous Peoples 2009 - Bolivia:

Since attaining the presidency in 2005, Evo Morales who is of indigenous Aymara ancestry has focused on instituting a number of key reforms aimed at addressing the historical exclusion of the indigenous population. Central to this was the introduction of a new constitution that recognizes indigenous cultural, political and ownership systems, and includes clauses aimed at achieving more equitable distribution of land and natural resources, and at opening opportunities for indigenous people to gain more power.

The plan has faced stiff resistance from opposing landowning interests in the eastern departments, at every step. This included strikes, walk-outs and armed conflicts that have led to scores of injuries, human rights abuses and loss of life.
The non-indigenous landowning minority in the wealthy eastern departments of Beni, Pando, Santa Cruz and Tarija, who feared their farms would be broken up and handed over to the poor, have mostly opposed the government's efforts and, during 2008 increased their efforts to block reforms, including calling for departmental autonomy and fomenting civil strife.
In August 2008 the government held a national recall referendum to determine whether President Morales, the Vice President and eight out of nine departmental Prefects should remain in power. This received a 67 per cent national vote of confidence, and six of the eight prefects were returned. Although four of the six were pro-opposition prefects, significant for government supporters was that the plebiscite produced an almost 40 per cent approval vote in the autonomy-seeking eastern states. This demonstrated that the vocal and well-orchestrated anti-government regional opposition did not represent unanimous opinion.

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Otto Rock said...

Remember this one, duderino? Back in the breakdown of the recall election post... August 2008, the votes cast in Santa Cruz region but outside of the city of Santa Cruz went in favour of Morales! Or in other words, Costas, Branko and all the other scumballs aren't even representing their region...they represent the views of a single city. Here's the quote from the post:

"....if we discard the Andrés Ibañez (city of Santa Cruz) votes and look at the other 14 provinces of Santa Cruz as separate from the city, Evo "YES" votes total 109,375 and Evo "NO" votes total 96,395. In other words, away from the city Evo Morales actually won Santa Cruz by a handy 53.1% to 46.9%!

Also, note I'm accused by the racist apologists in the comments section of not being fair to them. Awww...poor lil creatures. Ah
can't stand self-important academics masturbating in other people's blogs.