Thursday, July 09, 2009

Wrap up: coups and massacres edition

Luis Arce Gomez (left), former interior minister to the bloody 1980 Cocaine Coup of Luis García Meza has been repatriated to a Bolivian prison from incarceration in Miami, Florida.

The New York Times will publish a supplement in the La Paz daily La Razon (with an equal dedication to good journalism as the NYT) so Bolivians can now read in Spanish the bullshit Simon Romero writes about them.

One of Leopold Fernandez's goons is requesting "political asylum" in the United States, claiming Evo's supporters shot themselves in the Pando massacre.

Survival International has put together a video interview with two western eyewitnesses of the Bagua massacre. Yes, it's in English.

The Bolivian investigation into the fascist mercenary group plotting to assassinate Evo has subpoenaed Costas, Marinkovic, and the "Media Luna" bunch. Have fun getting your story straight douchebags.

Tourists are bummed out that the famous San Pedro prison in La Paz is starting to operate like... a prison.

And if Obama has any self-respect he ought to send in the marines to arrest Honduran coup "foreign minister" Enrique Ortez for the dignity of all Black people.


Amazilia said...

Que pena lo de la prision en La Paz, excepto por las drogas y corrupcion,que eso si no deben permitir, pero el que dejaran a las familias vivir juntas me parecia bien, ademas del turismo, que mal hacian?.

El Duderino said...

I have a mixed opinion as well. I don't believe in the traditional penal system and San Pedro was certainly an example of alternatives. I think Bolivian officials are motivated to not be seen as an exotic freak show for westerners.