Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Crazy extremist Arabs in Bolivia say smart things

INK and El Gaviero already have this one, but here goes.

Remember how the wingnuts at Fox News and the CIA were sure Bolivia is teeming with Jihadi terrorists cells just waiting to kill your children. Well it looks like someone had the risky idea of actually talking with those Muslim extremists living in Bolivia (I know, what was he thinking!). The infidel author managed to survive his interview with Mahmud Amer Abusharar without getting beheaded and here is some of what the man who was all about hippy ideas like "open-mindeness" and "peace" had to say:
I never thought that the Islamic Center forms danger to the United States, but who is introducing this idea to the United States public; he must be the one looking to harm the North American people.

We have to be very careful of this cancer. These are the real enemies of the United States. They are trying to show that everyone is an enemy of the United States, it is not true. I have met many Americans in my life and they deserve respect. They teach their sons to tell the truth, but once they read the rubbish of a person like this problems start for the United States… If we have intelligent governments, they will not listen to this rubbish.
And about all those Islamic and Iranian terrorists in Bolivia? Turns out the stuff is simply made up by guys like former Washington Post reporter Douglas Farah. El Gaviero posits a smart question: Now how come Fox News, with its huge budget and global reach, can’t even interview those whom it accuses?

Maybe because they already know they do not want to listen to the response.

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Bina said...

And maybe also because FUX Snooze is a willing disseminator of CIA disinformation. I wouldn't be surprised if they have some NOCs on staff. Operation Mockingbird never died, remember?