Thursday, August 27, 2009

Here is an idea Uribe: democracy

The "authoritarian" Evo Morales has got a neat idea:
If the Colombian president wants his bases to be used, I say I want a referendum in South America so the people of Bolivia, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina all 12 countries can decide.
So what do you say? Why not let the people of South America decide if they want to be threatened by a massive US military presence in Colombia?


Bina said...

Meanwhile, guess whose picture they put at the top of the story.

Yep. It's all Chávez, all the time with these assclowns. As if he were the only one concerned, when in fact it's ALL OF SOUTH AMERICA.

Anonymous said...

Here's an idea, Dude: sovereignty. Uribe may be a reactionary and a criminal, and US military bases in foreign countries make me distinctly queasy (as a resident in a country which has US nuclear weapons regularly parked in it), but Bolivia has as little say in what Colombia allows on its territory as Colombia does about Bolivian affairs. What would you have said if Uribe had campaigned for a continent-wide referendum on Bolivia's decision to kick out the DEA?

Quite a lot of people in Scotland are annoyed and resentful at how vocally condemnatory the US authorities are being about the decision to release al-Megrahi, the Lockerbie bomber. The USA seems to have forgotten that, Scotland being a different country with a different justice system, it's actually allowed for us to make our own decisions regardless of what they think. There are uncomfortable parallels here with Evo, Uribe and this referendum. And just because I think US military bases are bad things to have in your country, and that Uribe's a bastard, doesn't mean I can't recognise that it's Colombia's sovereign right to make whatever shitty foreign policy decisions it makes.

El Duderino said...

If US military were to restrict operations to Colombia then fine, have all the sovereignty you want. But we both know that is not true and that seven military bases are not designed to only provide capabilities in one country.

mondongo y chelita said...

right on dude.

exhibit A: last years invasion of Ecuador using US military capacity based in Colombia.

furthermore, considering the ongoing assasinations of union leaders and journalists, the silent acquiescence of human rights groups and my favorite, "the international community" to a civil society coerced by force to either join the FARC or accept the brutish dictatorial methods of its current President, I would say Uribe does not qualify as a representative of the Colombian sovereign: its people.