Saturday, August 01, 2009

Hungarian terrorists in Bolivia

Hungarian Spectrum

Here and there one can still read in Hungarian papers about Előd Tóásó, one of the companions of Eduardo Rózsa-Flores currently awaiting trial in a Bolivian jail, but the intense interest in the alleged terrorist's past and eventual fate has subsided in the Hungarian media. However, in the last couple of days two articles appeared in Népszabadság (July 23 and July 24) about the alleged Bolivian-Hungarian terrorist Rózsa-Flores. The first was inspired by the utterances and writings of a Spanish newspaperman, Julio César Alonso, who came to know Rózsa-Flores in Tirana some fifteen years ago during "the first revolution" in Albania when Rózsa-Flores was working for the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia. Alonso claims that Rózsa-Flores was a "psychopath" who went to Bolivia to foment a civil war. His assertions support the contentions of Evo Morales's government. But since Rózsa-Flores is dead most likely we will never know what he had in mind. We do know, however, that in Hungary he was involved with extreme rightist elements.

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Bina said...

Oh joy, Jean-Marie Le Pen is connected to this thug, and is even on record as having sent some 50 goons to join his "international brigade" of terrorists. If this doesn't disqualify him from further participation in French politics, I don't know what will. The Germans had to outlaw THEIR Nazis; now, it's the rest of Europe's turn.