Tuesday, August 04, 2009

John Enders finds Indians a surprising curiosity

Guess what the the dumbass blue-eyed whitey racist-apologist reporter John Enders discovered on his latest voyage to Bolivia?

It turns out these "Indians" have individual opinions and sometimes even disagree with one another. Rumor has it they might even have souls. In the country whose population is 60% indigenous, Injun President Evo Morales looks to face at least four other Indians in the December election. Wierd. It is almost like this country Bolivia is a pluralistic democracy or something.

However if you think this latest revelation in Enders' little world might result in some decent reporting or even an end to racist-apologism you will sadly be mistaken.

In typical fashion Enders starts the piece quoting uncle tom Sabina Cuellar's nonsensical ranting about what a nasty fellow Morales is, "He (Morales) hasn't respected the Constitution. He hasn't respected the laws," without noting that Cuellar's supporters are avowed fascists who beat indigenous people on sight and are facing criminal prosecution for their violent acts. Poor Enders is not alone in his denial, you know, it is not like there is film or a documentary on such racist incidents... But what should you expect from a man who euphamistically calls the coup mongering fascist seperatists "irate" "conservative critics in the resource-rich eastern lowlands".

Continuing Enders lists Morales' possible indigenous opponents, who comprise a wide range of political opinion from left to right, and proceeds to ascribe the same criticisms of Morales to all, "These politicians say...", "They are also angry that...". Enders, seriously, you don't know what the fuck you are talking about, so just don't. It's stupid. Let me explain in a simple way you will understand. Those trying to position themselves on the Left of Evo, like Rene Joaquino and Roman Loayza, agrue that Morales has not followed through with enough radical policies, while those on the Right, like Alejo Velez and Victor Cardenas, claim Morales has gone too far with a radical agenda.

Humorously Enders adds, "Neither Morales nor any of his senior ministers responded to repeated requests for interviews for this story." Yeah, that is because those Indians have the internet also, can background search on who you are as well, and decide your yellow-press dumbass is not worth their time. That you would uncritically spread false accusations like "Morales favors Aymaras over other indigenous groups, and argues the new Constitution is dividing the country's disparate groups." from Alejo Velez, lapdog to corrupt ousted Prefect Manfred Reyes.

Or that you would claim Morales' supporters principally seek to gain two-thirds of Congress to amend the constitution to grant Evo a third term as opposed to reversing the 160 odd compromises they made with the racist golpista opposition for the text's peaceful passage through Congress.

Or that you would uncritically pass off Victor Cardenas' accusations of a corrupt voter system, with "700,000 suspect voter registrations". Of course you failed to mention such "suspect voter registrations" largely refer to administrative errors such as voters with the same name that according to the same Electoral Court President you quoted, Jose Luis Exeni, "that this is not an anomaly and does not effect the election as the opposition suspects, since it deals with different people who vote in different precincts."

Not surprisingly Enders advances the outlandish idea that Cardenas and Cuellar would make for the "strongest ticket" to challenge Morales. You have already made a fool of yourself Enders. Why do you choose to make it worse? Is this your idea of a bad joke. Both Cardenas and Cuellar are rejected by the overwhelming majority of indigenous Bolivians as sell-outs to neoliberal and racist politicians. Morales won't have to "demonize" them as you quote, because these two have already done the work for him. You could not have thought of a worse ticket. Seriously, you are stupid.

Then to finish off an already terrible article Enders reminds us just how small his little blue-eyed whitey world really is by giving us a 19th century ethnography lesson on the idiosyncracies of Bolivia's indigenous peoples.
The two largest groups are the Quechuas, who speak the language of the ancient Incas, and the Aymaras, who have maintained a separate culture for hundreds of years. The third-largest group - the Guarani - live in the southeastern lowland region and are not a political force.
Where did you find this stuff, a 1991 copy of Let's Go Bolivia?

So because you did not listen the first time, here it is again. Please, it is for your own good.


Bina said...

Boy, that Cuellar woman is a projecting piece of work. When she says Evo doesn't respect the constitution or the laws, she really means her buddies--like Rubén, Branko, etc., etc. They're the ones who hold illegal referenda that have the international community holding their noses and running in the opposite direction--and when those fail, they send out the boys in the Nazimobiles. Doesn't that tell her ANYTHING?

Anonymous said...

dude, what can I say, great shite.