Wednesday, August 19, 2009

John Enders' stupidity strikes again

There be brown people down here.

Our dumbass blue-eyed whitey friend John Enders has written another article on Bolivia and Morales... Yes, really. It gets ugly.

Before I launch into this I really need to tell Enders: you are stupid. It is only my opinion, but I have seen some bad journalists before and you are near the top of the list. You know nothing about Bolivia and have learned nothing from the time you have spent there. Seriously, stop this nonsense. Pack your bags and go home. You are not like Simon Romero, a potentially good journalist who simply lies constantly to serve his biases. You are ignorant. A little white boy in a big, big, bad, complicated world.

Nothing serves to demonstrate this point more than his most recent spelling mistake: spelling Quechua as Quetchua. Inca Kola News gives him a good spanking for it. But seriously, who does this? I have never seen such a spelling used.

The article's substantive aspects are of the same quality. Let's investigate.

Enders' is baffled by this idea of having public servants actually speak the same language as the populations they are supposed to serve. Yeah, even those funny native languages the little brown people speak.

Enders warns of Morales' Communist plot against honest businessmen, "Bolivia's new constitution... nationalizes resources and idle land giving rise to increased conflicts with private mine owners, farmers and ranchers.".

Of course Enders will never read the new constitution so let's explain. Only certain nonrenewable natural resources are put under exclusive state control while idle lands are subject to state reversion for redistribution. Also Enders forgot to mention that the most contentious land seizers were from ranchers using indigenous SLAVE labor, a little something also outlawed by the constitution.

Next in the section covering the political opposition, which he humorously labels "large" (they weren't so large when the new constitution passed by 60%), Enders shamelessly propagates racist attitudes towards Bolivia's indigenous peoples.
Critics say the government is pitting racial groups against each another and encouraging its indigenous followers to hate the mestizos and whites.
Enders' evidence for such Indian savagery: Oscar Montes, the conservative mayor of Tarija, "There will come a time when no one will be able to control them". In case you are confused on how to read Montes' statement, "them" refers to Indians. Those damn Indians have gotten out of control. Circle the wagons!

That new constitution even allows indigenous communities to govern themselves! Enders must be friends with Chris Kraul because they both propagate the same racist bullshit that indigenous justice = lynching.

And even more "controversial" the new constitution lets Presidents be reelected for a second term! And the Congress has the power to amend the constitution. It's like that US high school civics class Enders' failed all over again!

So again John Enders, please stop. You are an idiot. Let me make it clearer this time:

Shut The Fuck Up


Bina said...

Meanwhile, any word from Enders about the 60 people Goni lynched?


And mind you, Goni was a rich whitey with a gringo accent.

(more crickets)

Brown people soooooo scary. Especially those too poor to afford any weapons beyond sticks and stones.

John Enders said...

Thank you for drawing attention to my work. As you know, the more you attack me personally, the more my work is noticed.

El Duderino said...

Err... yeah. Something like that.

otto said...

"work" includes fact checking.

Otto Rock said...

Hey this is fun; from Enders' blog:

"In a world in which most 'news' is simply entertainment repackaged, and most so-called journalists run in a pack and pay scant attention to details, facts or ethical guidelines, I see great value in doing things slowly, well, accurately and with passion."

Accurately? You can't even spell!

Seriously, who are you trying to fool? The sub-eds at the MH might fall for it, but there are people who actually know what they're talking about re. Bolivia that populate blogs (not just a Keillor's 6m 15yos, either dude) hanging here.

Bina said...

What Otto said.

You're a dumbass, John. Your work is getting noticed for all the wrong reasons, and you make out like that's a good thing.

How much are they paying you for your racist dreck, if you don't mind my asking?

Utpal said...

Guys, guys be nice!