Friday, August 07, 2009

Lanny Davis traincrash

Debate on Honduras: Fmr. Clinton Lawyer Lanny Davis, Lobbyist for Honduras Business Leaders vs. NYU Historian Greg Grandin

Good God. Watch Lanny Davis crash and burn. Epic.


Arroyoribera said...

Lanny Davis: Propagandist for Honduran Ruling Class and the Clintons

by David Brookbank

What is great about this interaction between Davis and Grandin is the fact that Davis was dragged out into the open and revealed for the propagandist that he is.

One important thing to understand is how intimately connected Davis is to Hillary Clinton and former president Bill Clinton. The September 3, 1998 New York Times article, “PUBLIC LIVES; Public Defender of a High-Profile Private Life” indicate Hillary and Davis have known each other since their days at Yale Law School in the late 1960s where apparently Davis was an intimate confidant of Hillary Clinton. Now that Hillary Clinton is Secretary of State, the presence of Davis managing her crisis in Honduras as a “private citizen” and propagandist for the Honduran ruling class business elites is not in the least surprising. Davis has managed sensitive crises for the Clinton’s in the past — Davis was Bill Clinton’s White House Counsel and defender during the days of the Clinton’s scandal and personal crisis involving Monica Lewinski.

It is also important to look more closely at the background of someone like Davis who, in the “debate” with Grandin, nearly foams at the mouth calling Grandin a liar and Amy Goodman a propagandist. As to liars, Davis ran for Congress in 1976 as a Democrat from Maryland’s 8th congressional district. He won the Democratic nomination, but after a major scandal over his lying about his academic record at Yale Law School, he lost to the Republican candidate. According to National Review Online from August 13, 2004, referring to Lanny Davis, (quote) [The Washington Post, December 21, 1996] He won the 1976 Democratic primary and was neck and neck with Republican Newton Steers until a controversy erupted over the portrayal of Davis’s academic record in a campaign brochure. Davis claimed he had graduated from Yale Law School cum laude — a designation the school didn’t award in 1970, the year he finished. (end quote).

As to Davis as a propagandist, the National Review Online article continues (quote) And if you think Lanny often sounds like a door-to-door Amway salesman, there’s a reason for it. The same Post article teaches us: After he narrowly lost a 1976 House race, Davis, 51, began evangelizing for the motivational door-to-door distribution company, which markets everything from toothpaste to telephone service. A prominent Maryland lawyer-lobbyist, who refused to speak for attribution, recalled that Davis once invited him to lunch to discuss a “business opportunity.” “We didn’t order yet when he started talking, and it was like a switch went on,” the lobbyist recounted. “He asked, ‘Are you interested in making more money?’ Well, what lawyer isn’t? ‘Do you want to be in control of your destiny?’ And I go, ‘Wait a minute, Lanny — is this an Amway pitch?’ (end quote)

To all the world, Davis sounded in the Democracy Now “debate” as if he was out of control, perhaps similar to what Davis said about himself and his mental health in the above mentioned New York Times article: (quote) “Nonetheless Mr. Davis said he is concerned about his well-being because ”I have pushed myself mentally and physically to a point where I think it was beyond healthy.” (end quote)

President Obama could give Davis a long-needed vacation from the evidently overwhelming stress of his job as a highly-paid propagandist and waterboy for Secretary of State Clinton by coming out in a crystal clear fashion (no more meely mouthed statements, please, Mr. Obama) in declaring, as he did in the beginning, the coup a coup, the Micheletti government as illegitimate, and taking actions which would drive the military backed Honduran government out of office and allow the return of Zelaya. That way Davis could get back to selling Amway or what ever kind of hype he is selling when he is not selling military coups and human rights abuses in Honduras.

Bina said...

Oh my, Lanny is angry. Lanny is losing it.

Lanny FUNNY.

Anonymous said...

Great Post! Lanny Davis is a lying scumbag as you in Bolivia know only too well. He keeps calling himself a 'liberal'. Now I know how 'liberal' became a dirty word. Thanks, Lanny.
I'm still a REAL liberal, Honduras is controlled by the people who are paying your outrageous lobbying fees, the rabbiblancos in Honduras were scared shitless when Zelaya began to see the light and drift away from the repressive acts of his party.
That constitution Lanny keeps referring to is a Ronald Reagan, Bush Sr., Oliver North imposed constitution that was strictly for the benefit of the wealthy who were allowing Iran-Contra to go on in the backyards of their plantations.

Bina said...

I'm beginning to wonder, myself, if "liberal" is some people's way of saying "appeaser". This is why I no longer call myself that. I'm a leftist. I don't do appeasement.

Bina said...

PS: Not that REAL liberals who loathe Lanny Davis are appeasers. HE is one, though, because his apologism for the fascists is just...YUCK.

Anonymous said...

"You just made a false statement. Take it back. TAKE IT BACK! TAKE. IT. BACK."

Unhinged much, Lanny?