Monday, August 03, 2009

Oh no you did't: Bolivia-Peru beauty queen cat-fight!

Forget about granting "political asylum" for genocidal ex-government ministers, the real dispute these days between Bolivia and Peru is over who stole whose prom dress, bitch.

You see that hideous outfit Miss Peru is sporting for the Miss Universe competition, well Marsha told Beth who told me that Bolivia's Culture Minister was all like, "That's my dress bitch! Don't you dare come all up trying to steal my cultural patromony. That Diablada outfit is from Oruro, skank!"

And Peru was like, "Who you calling skank, whore! It was my dress first. My Diablada costume is from Puno, so don't even."

Hence Bolivian-Peruvian diplomatic relations remain at a stand still. Of course lost in the tabliods is the delicate cultural question, 'Why is Miss Peru named Karen Schwarz? and why is she wearing a traditionally male Diablada costume?'


Amazilia said...

I think is unfair to critize her becuse she has a german lastname or that reinforcing machistas roles saying there could not be redesign of costumes and clothes, of that certain roles even in dances are reserved only for males.
We should be asking if she and all the defenders of the now so prized culture are also appreciating the aymara-quechua cultures as learning the languajes and practicing the dances outside the pageant.

El Duderino said...

If beauty pageants weren't such a 'whites only' affair, then yes it would be unfair to pick on Ms. Schwarz. I am also kind of conservative when it comes to traditions like these, and besides the female diablada dress is much more attractive anyways.

Bina said...

My humble, educated guess is that those exploiting these indigenous traditions for the purpose of a cheap spectacle like this are not really appreciating the origins of anything. Today they "borrow" dance costumes and pretend to be proud of the culture they hijacked; tomorrow, they'll go right back to trampling on the "shitty Injuns" again. The one follows the other as surely as night follows day.

Now, if there were truly the peaceful coexistence and racial harmony that they claim there is, I'm sure the picture would be very different. But when the indigenous are shut out of the pageant and their costumes and culture taken by those who claim to be a "separate nation" unto themselves (and superior, of course), it's hard to call this anything but abuse.

And I say that as a white person with a German surname myself.