Sunday, August 23, 2009

The press catching on to its own stupidity

Foreign Policy magazine is feeling a bit liberated by this whole blogging thing and politely pointing out the absurdity of Jonathan Franklin's article in The Guardian which claims that gringo cocaine tourism in Bolivia is fueled by "the national example of President Evo Morales, himself a coca grower". It never really occurred to him that the Route 36 cocaine bar in La Paz operates in secret and constantly changes locations because cocaine is highly illegal in Bolivia, as demonstrated by the national example of doubling cocaine seizures under the Morales administration explicit policy "coca yes, cocaine no".

However if you read the Washington Post and their stupid graphs Bolivia's increased coke seizures are a sign of booming narcotics trade under Morales because the trustworthy DEA says so. I guess the DEA is a good authority on the matter considering they were booted out of Bolivia partly for trafficking coke. But don't expect to read about it in the US anytime soon.

Maybe if all journalists actually fact checked eachother on blogs we could get some decent information on Latin America?


Bina said...

And of course, this Franklin dude was able to get to the illegal cocaine bar because...?


Otto Rock said...

We've been through all this before, haven't we?

How Bolivia produces around 100MT and confiscated 27MT last year

And ho Peru produced 300MT in the same perios and only managed to confiscate 20MT.

You still reading, Johnnyboy? Learning anything yet? Gonna pass on the news? Nah, didn't think so.

Basándose en estadísticas reconocidas, el estudio –realizado por los especialistas Jaime Antezana Rivera y Jaime García Díaz– indica que en el año 2008, Colombia produjo 430 toneladas de cocaína y el Perú 302. El detalle está en que el país gobernado por el presidente Álvaro Uribe incautó nada menos que 198 toneladas de esa droga, y el de Alan García, decomisó apenas 20 toneladas. Esta cifra, que fue presentada a inicios del año como un logro del esfuerzo policial, queda lamentablemente minimizada al lado de lo conseguido por las autoridades colombianas.

Es decir, el narcotráfico en Colombia pudo exportar 232 toneladas de cocaína, pero las mafias en este país fueron capaces de sacar más: 282 toneladas. Es por eso que el Perú ha pasado a ser el primer exportador de cocaína.

Bina said...

Otto, you're making the gross assumption that he can read Spanish.