Monday, August 17, 2009

"Unclear" terrorism targets campesino leader

The wife of national campesino leader Fidel Sucro, Arminda Colque, was severely injured by a letter bomb addressed to her husband. Six others were injured by the blast as well as from a second letter bomb. Sucro is head of the umbrella social movements organization Conalcam.

The Associated Press in its awefulness stated, "It was unclear what may have motivated the Wednesday attacks". It might have been clearer if they had maybe listened to what was said of the attack by those targeted.

Fidel Sucro stated, "The attacks are the begining of a dirty war against the process of change. It is a dirty war with the intention of terrorizing the government and and social movements in the begining of the campaign for the general elections in December."

From the Latin American Herald Tribune:
The attack was staged by “a new terrorism network” linked to Bolivian-born Croatian citizen Eduardo Rosza Flores, who was killed in an April 16 police operation, Sen. Felix Rojas said.
The same neonazi terrorists are suspected in the brutal murder of Evo Morales' aunt.

If you are wondering why the rightwing opposition would resort to terrorism in order to compete in general elections the consevative Bolivian intellectual Jorge Lazarte might give a good anwser. Lazarte, a prominent neoliberal intellectuals and now discredited as a compulsive liar, recently complained about the hopelessly fragmented opposition- doomed in the December elections. He stated bluntly that they have no alternative political or social project for the country.

But they still have money and violent friends.

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