Friday, August 28, 2009

Yawn, Evo wins

Poll after poll Evo leads his challengers by insurmountable odds for the December elections. Inca Kola News goes through the latest Gallup poll, explaining just how lost is the pathetic opposition. Additionally the Andean Information Network does a run through detailing opposition candidates for confused journalists.

However I would like to point out something totally lost, even by western journalists promoting the opposition candidates, the relatively strong position of Samuel Dorian Medina who is consistently leading the pack of oppos.

Medina's position says good things about Bolivian voters and what they want from their politicians (stuff Marinkovic does not understand). While a warmed-over neoliberal politician, Medina has been one of the only opposition figures in Bolivia who has consistently been willing to dialogue and compromise with Evo Morales despite their differences rather than resort to inflexible self-posturing and support for violence. (Funny you haven't heard of Medina in the English language press isn't it?) For this reason much of the rightwing hates Medina with as much passion as Evo. (Funny the English language press always takes sides with the fascists isn't it?) So if you look at the polls, where are the fascists? At the bottom of the barrel. Bolivians want nothing to do with these violent thugs. Get the message journalists.


AIN Amigas said...

You're right on the mark. Excellent point about the Burger King King, Doria Medina.

Utpal said...

Ya know, I had never heard of Medina either, which goes to prove your point :)

Bina said...

There's only one disquieting thing about all this: Since Evo is clearly going to be a shoo-in, I expect the Cruceñista terrorists will be stepping up their efforts to kill him. A LOT.

I mean, just look at the embarrassing standings of all THEIR candidates.

mondongo y chelita said...

all things point to a Doria Medina candidacy winding up as the only viable opposition candidate (to score better than 20% and get some people in the Plurinational Assembly)

however, i think y'all missed an important element which I'm sure will be making its appearance in the next some time: the 'dissident' oppositionists such as Senator Bohrt and Congressman Colanzi, who were amongst the power brokers who enabled the recent consensus to hold const. referendum.

if these conservative elements who are willing to sit at a table and dialogue win out in the candidate soup, headed by a Doria Medina candidacy, MAS's dream of > 2/3 in next years Plurinational Assembly seem rather slim, but Bolivia will win by having another Evo presidency and an opposition congress willing to negotiate.

also, the fascists and terrorists would be further isolated